Introduction by DynaSoar

Many citizens of I-space will recognize the name John Winston.
He's been a constant amidst the machine-gun dynamics of the
growth of the net. He presides over his own newsgroup,

there to post in copious quantities the expoundings of many
True Believers (and probably more than a couple people who're
well beyond the "fringe"). John posts nearly all submissions to
him, and while he might comment that some particular one doesn't
necessarily meet with his agreement, he'll still post it with
an open mind.

This is in fact that point that I think I'd like to make. John
Winston provides a mouthpiece for the marginalized "kooks"; the
channelers, the reincarnated Royalty of Other Star Systems, the
ever-vigilant anti-alien-abduction warriors, all manner of net
dwellers who'd otherwise not find a friendly ear. Not only does
John keep an open mind (he gave one of the most accurate and
even-handed accounts of Scientology I've seen to date) but he
reamins entirely unflustered by the frequent detractors and flames.
An open mind, an even temper and an unshakeable sense of fairness
and duty. I start to think it's a shame that John's work is
"wasted" on the UFO and paranormal community, because he's just
the kind of role model that would serve well on so many
"traditional" or "scientific" newsgroups. But then, they serve
to unceasingly correct each others' minutae, not to explore the
true unknown where the True Believers probe. It's the citizens
of Edge City who need and deserve John Winston because they
are the ones to suffer more indignities and attacks on their
credibility than any others on the net. John Winston stands as
proof that no matter what the subject matter, the words are only
words, and one need not suffer under the attack, but may go on
with their deeply held purpose.

I sometimes wish that users from all over the net would just watch
John work for a while and learn from him. But then the vast
majority doesn't deserve John. They're too busy trying to be "right".
How I wish I could be there to see the looks on their faces should
John turn out to be right instead.

I asked John if he'd offer a small bit about himself to go with this
page. Here's what he has to say about himself:
Greetings: My name is John F. Winston and I have been posting to
the Net for quite a few years. At the present time I am retired
and 64 years old. I worked as an electronic technician and electronics
instructor. I have had some mystical experiences on the sides of
Mt. Shasta and since that time I have been led to find a lot of things
about ESP, UFOs and other strange things. I will attempt to answer all
postive questions that are sent my way.

John Winston.

And he means it. Feel free to pass along greetings to his telepathic
dog Yogi too.

If you need to be a "kook" to be able to maintain the kind of stability
that John has, well then, sign me up for the saucers. Then again, I
AM already signed up for the saucers, aren't I? Well then, let's just
take a trip out to Edge City, look out towards The Beyond, and look back
at the cramped and squabbling masses of "normality". You may not want
to go back.

Doktor DynaSoar Iridium

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