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FREE THINKING VOl 1. No. 2, January 1995

(c) copyright 1995, Freedom of Thought Foundation

P.O. B. 35072, Tucson, Az. 85740-5072



Portly Spychiatrist, Dr. Jolyn West, of Los Angeles, was
stricken by a heart attack before his scheduled "keynote"
speech at the annual meeting of the False Memory "Spindrome"
Foundation in Washington D. C. in December. A number of
researchers were looking forward to interviewing West at the
conference about his involvement with the CIA's MKULTRA research and
about the False Memory "Spindrome" Foundation's role as a front
organization serving to cover the truth of trauma-based programming.
West is known for killing an elephant with an overdose of LSD under
the CIA's guidaance.

Is the Cryptocracy Trolling the Internet?

On December 16, the following was posted on Internet:

The JFK assassination involved a much bigger conspiracy than
Cuba or the Mob or the CIA or all 3 put together. It was
planned, run and covered up by an international group that has
no name. I'm in the process of completing an investigation and
expos on that group's activities that I began in the early
'80's. This investigation began after I encountered evidence of
torture and mind control techniques among workers at a chemical
plant involved in some litigation I handled in the late '70s.

I'm posting this very short piece because Iwould like
confirmation of those portions that can be corroborated before I
complete the work. I do not speak to chat about it and I do not
want anyone's approval or disapproval of the events or ideas.
Unless you have been involved in it or are some sort of spook
it's all going to sound very strange. I'm sending this message
to people who are or have been involved, but may not know just
what they have gotten into. Some of the readers of this piece
are going to recognize the small roles they have wittingly or
unwittingly played in bringing the nightmare I'm about to
briefly sketch to its current status -- just a few short years
from reality.

I am addressing you and only you in this piece. Based on the
following very, very brief summary of a huge file on this
subject, it seems apparent to me that you have each played a
witting or unwitting role in treason. Those of you who think you
have been serving a "better cause" should heed these words and
THINK about what you have been doing to your country....

After asking E.M. Targeted individuals not to reply, the
anonymous author writes:

On the other hand, if you've had flashbacks to violent events
that you can't understand; if you recall your hands doing things
that you didn't control; if you've awakened in a hotel room not
knowing how you got there, read a newspaper story about a dead
general or Congressman, recognized the picture and wondered if
you were the one who did it; or if the phrase "remember to
forget" has a great significance to you, you may want to read on
and consider contacting me. ( Through an anonymous file server)

This office is waiting for a response from the anonymous
poster. A number of notes we've received suggests that this is a
spook trolling for the witnesses who others have already


For several years, David Emory has been producing a series of
programs on mind control. Recently he added an interview with
W.H. Bowart to his catalog. Other tapes have excerpted from the
first edition of Bowart's 1978 dition. For info write Archives
on Audio, P.O. Box 170023, San Francisco, Ca. 94117- 0023, or
call 415-346-1840.



A Multidisciplinary dialog and educational
Symposium will be held March 23-26 in Richardson, Texas near
Dallas. Sponsored by The Society for the Investigation,
Treatment and Prevention of Ritual and Cult Abuse, announced
that the group will be sponsoring the breakthrough conference
which will present speakers and workshops tailored for both
professionals, interested laymen and survivors. Among the lineup
of speakers are a number of authors: Dr. Randy Noblett, author

of Cult and Ritual Abuse, It's history, Anthropology and Recent
Discovery in Contemporary America; Daniel Ryder, author of
Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse; Gail Carrfeldman,
author of Lessons in Evil, Lessons from the Light; Linda Blood,
author of The New Satanism; and W.H. Bowart, author of Operation Mind
Control. Also speaking will be Dr. Catherine Gould and former FBI agent
Ted Gunderson as well as a number of so-called Project Monarch
"survivors" will share with their insights into the cryptocracy's

According to Director, Pamela Perskin, the purpose of this
conference is to look at new approaches to deprogramming the
survivors of both cult and government mind control and to gain a
greater depth of understanding of the phenomena of the human
mind surrounding Dissociative Identity Disorder and Multiple
Personality Disorder.

Discount travel and hotel accomidations are available. For
more information write MIND CONTROL CONFERENCE c/o SITPRCA, P.O.
Box 835564, Richardson, Texas 75083-5564. Phone (214) 699-8599
or Fax (214) 235-0529.


Director of International Committee Against Offensive
Microwave Weapons, Harlan Girard, recently confronted the
University of Pennsylvania about the Nazi Scientists on its

In aletter to the trustees of that University, Girard

I have been studying the life and good times of one such
Nazi scientist for several years now: Dr. Hermann Paul Schwan,
Alfred Fitler Moore Professor of Biomedical Electronic
Engineering. I am troubled by the nature of the research which
Dr. Schwan pursued in Nazi Germany, the method employed by the U.S. Army
to qualify him for admission to the United States, the
character of Dr. Schwan, the nature of the research upon which
he has built his career at the University of Pennsylvania and,
ultimately, to his corruption of the University for the benefit
of his benefactor -- the Departmentt of Defense. There appears
to be a discrepancy between the material I have found and
information previously provided to the public.

As you are doubtlessly aware, Project Paperclip was
authorized by President Truman in September, 1946. He insisted
that only people who had joined the Nazi party out of what could
be considered opportunistic motives should be permitted to
participate in the program. Known or suspected war criminals
were supposed to be strictly barred.

Between 1945 and 1955, 765 German scientists, engineers, and
technicians were brought to the United States under Project
Paperclip and three similar programs. Perhaps as many as 80% of
the scientists are now thought to have been former Nazi party
members, or SS men, according to Professor Clarence Rasby, whose book
titled "Project Paperclip" was published by Athenaeum Press in 1975.
Only three of those experts were forced out of the
United States. One of the three was Schreiber, who had been
instrumental in medical experiments on concentration camp
inmates by the Luftwaffe.

Girard's letter continued: Several years ago, at a meeting
here in Philadelphia, I heard Dr. Schwan introduced as the
father of biomedical engineering (long pause) in the United
States of America! It is true, of course, that biomedical
engineering was pioneered in Nazi Germany by Major General

Schrieber ws among the Nazi medical doctors who were tried
at Nuremburg. Among others who simply escaped prosecution was
Josef Mengele, M.D. being perhaps the most well known. Mengele's name
is often mentioned by "unpolluted" DID patients during their recovery

Girard concluded his letter to the University of
Pennsylvania Trustees:

It is a remarkable coincidence that Dr. Schwan's work was
supported by the U.S. Air Force over exactly the same time frame
that the CIA was funding LSD research through he United States
Air Force at 44 universities across the country.... the
circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that Schwan could have
participated in the drugging of students with LSD, from 1956 to
1965, and that this information has been withheld from students
and alumni. Needless to say, the cumulative effects of deceit
and greed have left us in a situation where the continued
existence of the university itself is threatened.

We do not know if the Trustees of the University of
Pennsylvania have taken any action on Girard's complaint or if
they have looked into Dr. Schwan's background.

You can contact Harlan Girard at: International Committee
for the Convention Against Offensive Microwave Weapons, POB
5700, Philadelphia, Pa. 19102-8700.


FTF Advisory member Max Riddle is researching the Insurance
Industry. He wants to hear from anyone with evidence of the
suspension of the "anti-trust" laws that allow the insurance
companies to operate.

"It must not have occurred to anyone in favor of a
universal national health plan to communicate the data which
proves that the insurance business is nothing more than
gambling. And everybody knows that the casinos, like the
insurance companies always win," Riddle says.

Since this issue relates to the numbers of mind control
survivors who have exhausted their health coverage before they
discovered that their illness' were caused by "psychosomatic"
manifestations of trauma-based programing, we will be
supporting an examination of this issue. Those who have
something to contribute to Riddle's research can write to him
c/o this office.


Robert Naeslund's book "When the State Rapes" has been drawing a lot
of attention around the world. It includes xray photographs
showing human skulls with a variety of implants. Injectible
transmitters are also featured as well as accounts of elderly
people in Naeslund's native Sweden who are getting transmitter's
injected into their bloodstreams. Naeslund says the transmitters
produce radio waves which induce amnesia and weaken the immune system
leaving the elderly vulnerable to disease.

"The inhumanity of connecting elderly defenseless people
unwittingly to computers has been going on for at least ten
years," Naeslund writes.

He says there is plenty of proof of the "advance towards
the technocratic society, governed by new social norms that
breed inhumanity... As a natural consequence, covert
surveillance systems able to control the neurological activity
of the brain have been developed in secret and beyond public

To obtain "When the State Rapes", write Robert Naeslund,
Slipgaten 12, 117-39, Stockholm, Sweden.


Dr. Randy Noblitt Signs Contract For New Book on Ritual Abuse.

One of the few psychologists with understanding of the
"classical" conditioning aspects of the so-called Project
Monarch survivors, Dr. Randy Noblitt, has authored a book on
trauma-based programming that centers on sadistic abuse
-so-called "ritual abuse".

Entitled Cult and Ritual Abuse: It's History, Anthropology and
Recent Discovery in Contemporary America has been contracted by
Praeger, and will be out within the year.


Col. L. Fletcher Prouty reports that he's busy updating his
seminal work "The Secret Team" -- one of the best
behind-the-scenes histories of the fledgling cryptocracy. As
director of Special Operations for the Pentagon, Prout was a
witness to history. Today his works are enjoying a popular
revival after he was portrayed by Donald Sutherland in Oliver
Stone's film JFK. Letters to Prouty will be forwarded through
this office.


Author of two benchmark books on Multiple Personality Disorder,
Multiple Personality Disorder: Diagnosis, Clinical Features, and
Treatment (1989) and The Osiris Complex: Case-Studies in
Multiple Personality Disorder, Colin A. Ross, M.D., is at work
documenting evidence of the corruption of the mental health
profession by doctors who worked for the cryptocracy under the
MKULTRA and related secret projects. Anyone having information
to offer on spychiatrists can write Dr. Ross through this office.



Everyone knows that the usual approaches to book publishing are
quickly becoming obsolete. Whether through marketing
mismanagement or the machinations of a literary black list,

books which are at cross purposes to the cryptocracy's plans
quickly go out of print. One such book is ENSLAVED by the author
of Journey Into Madness, Gordon Thomas. Enslaved is a chilling
report of modern- day abduction and abuse in the global trafficking
of men, women and children. Accord- ing to Thomas, the perpe- trators
of sex crimes world wide are well organized and skillful and knowledgeable
in the ways of law enforcement. ges dismissed,
whether they are allegations of sexual abuse, pornography, or

Should there be interest in obtaining copies, drop us a
card and we'll contact Thomas for permission to photocopy.

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articles. Contact: Tom Kirby at

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