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To receive shaktipat from a yogin* (Sahaja Yoga) whose kundalini
has been activated since birth:
[Editor's Note: I've switched my Home Page Location Address to a page
with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's picture--showing energy emanations--in
order to *receive,* frequently]
Secret Contents of a Certain Government Warehouse
Kook's Museum
Astronomy Picture of the Day
The Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z
Chupacabra Home Page
Astronaut Biographies
Astral Projection home page
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation's archive directory *
"The Anomalist"
"Unsolved Mysteries" stories
Dave's Phenomena Page
Crop Circle Connector

Internet UFO Group - Hyperlinks
Alien on Line
Galactic Central
UFO Resources
UFO Series
Jody's Home Page: Contactees, Wanderers, Walk-Ins, and
Alternative Spirituality
UFOs and Other Related Material
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Operation Right To Know
Chris's UFO Image Archive
The Roswell Centre
The Roswell Incident - July, 1947
Art Bell's Home Page *
Alien Information
Bilder av forskjellige UFO romskip.
The E.B.E. Page
Internet UFO Group - Media: Constructing Reality
UFO Sites
Weird Research, Anomalous Physics
Strange Magazine
UFO Art by Jim Nichols
The Italian Photograph
Govardham Hill Publishing (i.e., "Alien Identities")
"P.I. Secrets Revealed!"
Stanton Friedman's webpage *
I know Stanton Friedman personally and he does a lot of work
investigating UFOs but I still disagree with a lot of things
he tells people.
David Perkins' Channel-Z: Zfiles/Heart of Weirdness Part 3
UFO Phenomena in the Northwest Territories
Alberta UFO Research Assn.web
"Saucer Smear" Index
"Saucer Smear" Index
UFO-Related News Articles
Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission page *
JW Richard Hoagland and I agree to disagree on a few
things but we do cooperate with eachother. He send me
valuable information.
EMUFORA (East Midlands--England--UFO Research Association)
Yahoo!'s UFO Links
The Alien Exploration
Extraterrestrial Anti-Defamation Organization
UFO Books (LifeQuest Metaphysical Bookshop)
Bad UFO Jokes
UFO World
1994-95 Canadian UFO Survey
Maeve & Roger's Homepage
Maeve & Roger's Homepage
They write (after providing a netsearch feature): "Type in this to
search, 'Alien UFO Roswell Area51 Abduction' and you'll come up with about
5,900 matches. That means, there are roughly 5,900 people out there
who believe strongly enough to go out of their way to put up a web
page. And alien web pages rank among the top 5% of all web pages
accessed in the world. So, we're looking at *at least* several
million people on the Internet who think something is not just out
there, but here."
3 Unearthly Skulls
Extraterrestrial Captured in Brazil
Jeff's Page to UFO & Alien Encounters
Pictures Received with Hyperspace WavePattern Receiver
Karen Lustrup's Pleiades Index
Drawings and Pictures of Aliens
Derrel Sims' Alien Hunter Home Page
UFO Sightings by Astronauts
UFO Folklore *
Unusual Research
Close Encounters Support Group Newsletter
Abductees Anonymous
True Stories from the Home of Bigfoot, The Oregon Vortex, and the
First Flying Saucer
The Girl from Roswell: The Unofficial Fan Site of the Roswell
Autopsy Footage
Internet UFO Group
"UFO-VDST"/"NDR KONTAKT" newsletter
Malta UFO Research Home Page *
Stargate International
United Kingdom UFO Network *
Roswell Glyph Deciphered
ISCNI (Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-human *
Home Page
Spotlight: A UFO Primer
Index of/test/UFO/pictures
UFO Resources Directory
Links to Beyond: Explore Other Internet UFO Sites
Bonehead UFO Information Center
2-weeks of messages (from Lightworkers mailing list) re:
Positive UFO Friends [long!]
Ufology Research of Manitoba Home Page
(Living) Ufologists: Prominent UFO Researchers, Skeptics, and
Images from the Roswell Film
Drew Davidson's WebPage
Protree Private UFO Center
Directory of UFO Listings
Nico's UFO Links
Alien & UFO Photos Album
The SHARP Research Mosaic Server
Mesaka UFO Page (*not* in Finnish)
Alien Teleport
The UFO Guide
Varginha ET Case--The Whole Story, Updated by the Ufologists
Rosemary Howell, UFO Researcher
UFO Headlines
Jeff's UFO Page
Alien Autopsy - The Ongoing Investigation
Stanton Friedman's UFO Page *
(final) address change for Debbie Jordan-Kauble's UFO Research
Information Clearinghouse
Whitley Strieber's Home Page
Silicon Wizard's UFO Files
Mike's UFO Connection
San Joaquin Delta UFO Photo (July 1996)
Survey for Abductees/UFO Experiencers
UFO Wire
Miles' Home Page
UFOs in Mexico: The Carlos Diaz Case (text in both Spanish & English)
Creepie's Close Encounters page
Active 8 UFO Links
UFOs & Mysteries
UFO Folklore has just added a new section containing several
excellent collections of current UFO Footage. This collection
contains footage of vehicles IN FLIGHT from several areas including
Mexico, Colorado, Arizona & Walt Disney. All pictures are within the
last three years. For a viewing of some of the most recent UFO
Footage please visit the new section at UFO Folklore called "Want to
see a UFO" at UFO Folklore at:

United Kingdom UFO Mailing List *
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NASA Press Releases
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The UFO & Related Phenomena Divulgation List
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The Swamp Gas Journal
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Bigfoot Conference mailing list
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Fans of Art Bell's radio show ("Dreamland")' *
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UFOs & New Science
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NWO Conspiracy/Spirituality/UFOs/New Science
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[in message box, type] subscribe snet-l (JW I think that has
change in the recent past.)

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