High Wierdness by eMail
From: soulfinger@aol.com (Soulfinger)

Remeber this book? It was a lot of fun years ago, but the edition is so
old that most of these freaks have gone out of business or whatever, so
the addresses are no longer valid. This seems like the perfect place for
we subgenii to exchange info on where to get the latest high wierdness, be
it through mail or email, so if you know of someting interesting, post it

Here's my entry. Conspiracy Nation is a great electronic newsletter out
of Illinois with all the latest info and disinfo on a lot of scary (and
funny) stuff going on out there, so check it out! I sometimes get several
of these a day, so get ready for a lot of wierdness in your mailbox, just
send a message in the form "subscribe conspire My Name" to
listproc@prairienet.org -- To cancel, send a message in the
form "unsubscribe conspire" to listproc@prairienet.org.

Hope to see lots of cool stuff here soon.


Subject: Re: High Wierdness by eMail
From: "Brian D. Bisson" <bdb@shadow.net>

Good show! Well, in addition to the trove of SubG info I have on my
World Wide Web page, I've also been collecting "weridness" - web sites,
hosts, FTP, gopher sites - whatever, and they are starting to appear
on my home page http://www.shadow.net/~bdb. Feel free to send me
contributions and/or feedback about the page. It's intended for
graphical audiences, but those using 'lynx' or something like that
should be able to get the information you want out of it, if you
just ignore all the [IMAGE] tags. Important stuff has been ALT'd

Doktor BDB


The Real Neutopian FAQs
From: neutopia@titan.oit.umass.edu (Doctress Neutopia)

To learn more about Neutopia Thought and to get a copy
of my dissertation _Gaia: The Planetary Religion, The Sacred
Marriage of Art and Science_ please go to the archive at
Xville at lynx http://xville.com/xville/

My real life address and
phone number is:

Doctress Neutopia
1089 North Pleasant St.
Amerst, MA USA 01002
(413) 549-3874

Wonderful Anti-Televangelist Weaponry
From: pdh@ecs.soton.ac.uk (Peter Harris)

Have you checked out "Snake Oil" on the Web yet ?
An on-line audio sample of Robert Tilton's televised fart.
And much, much more.

"They know not the depths of their sacrilege"
- - Robert Tilton re. "Snake Oil"

From: pdh@ecs.soton.ac.uk (Peter Harris)

That's at:


Check this one out too :-


(try alt.shenanigans, also alt.deviants (mailing list -- news of the weird))

Do you know of the "High Weirdness by Email" file compiled from
alternative news groups? It is available via FTP from nexus.yorku.ca in
the /pub/Internet-info/high-weirdness subdirectory. PS, thanks 4 writing
"High Weirdness by Mail", which introduced me to the CHURCH.

Ralph Elwell
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Re: Kook of the Month Feb 95 - Down to the Wire

From: wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,alt.slack,alt.clearing.technology

..........begin quoted text...................
M. Legare, etc. <mlegare@wetware.com> wrote:
Down to the wire, here's the current list of KotM hopefuls:

Koos Nolst Trient - Ron's Surveyor: Channels L. Ron Hubbard and generally
finds that everyone he doesn't like was a Nazi in a former life. The One
True Source of L. Ron's Will.

A. Silverman (I've given up on the first name) - the Sole Opposition to the
Evil Ancient Theorist. Music's answer to McElwaine without the

THE RAPTOR@Johns Hopkins University - nominated for one protracted anti-
Canadian rant. Not heard from since. presumed imploded

Sternodox Kechauver - more of an honorary KotM Nomination than not, except
that it was made by an utter PinkBoy. Ah well.

Steven Boursey - Captain Rent Control.

Thomas M. Richardson - I forget what he did

Harlan E. Girard - discoverer of K00L C1A M1ND K0NTR0L tricks

Michael John Falkner - He Who Would Bring Law and Order to the Net. Either
that or an utter and complete trollmeister

Clueless Newbie of the Month nominees:

James Petts - someone remind me of what he did, eh?

Timothy Jones - dedicated to chasing all irrelevant threads off of
alt.atheism by following...up...every...one...must...keep...control...ack...

Hook Line and Sinker (tm) Award for Inspired Trolling

Lewis de Payne - for nominating himself as KotM, and KotM moderator, and
actually getting votes mailed to him voting for him as KotM moderator. Ow.

Michael John Falkner - for his "He Who Would Bring Law and Order to the Net"
crusade, if in fact he is trolling. If not, well, sorry Mike.

Remember, the deadline is 28 Feb 11:59 PM Pacific Time. The Winnahs will be
posted (if not charbroiled) on 1 March 1995 sometime before midnight.

Winners will also be immortalized in the WWW a.u.k KotM Archives (coming soon
to http://www.wetware.com/mlegare/auk-faq.html).

Mail votes to mlegare@wetware.com. Post nominations. And someone tell Joan
Brewer that she WON already! Sheesh!

Matthew Legare
On-Line Support Guy

if one falls on you,
we just carve your name on it
and leave it there...
........end quoted text.........


by Sternodox <glatter@delphi.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 95 10:38:57 -0500

(tape fragment begins)

.. at the shitness of most of the world. But Modemac is a different
thang. He is another chapter in the Corporeal-Copramonstrosity that
is SubGenius. I'll tell you what Modemac is: He is the SubGenius
slick hole that turns mysteriously into SouthHell sandpaper as the
Conspiracy prong inserts its diseased essense into the throbbing
realms of SubModernity. He is the crystalline smiteness that "X"'s a
tractor up the clutching asshole of narco-normality. He is a giant of
a man. He is HE WHO SPUNKS! He is the dynamo of alt.slack's
litmistakeability, the one who pushes cartloads of coprousness into
the flanks of the shit-besmearched legions of anti-Dada. He is the
father of TICK-time. He is the wanton reveller in the halls of Wotan
who bucks the FRONT each time he unbuttons his trousers. HE IS A
DOKTOR FOR FUCKING "BOB"!! Modemac has, with his eyes closed, shat
the BUTTS of Meghanada, Kauket, Buddhabodhiprabhavasita, Visvamitra,
Telpochtli, Tenanto'mni, Mut and Lono! He is a SQUIRTER!! Modemac has
had the fucking consolation and PROTECTION of Dobbs for nigh unto
zweihundert jahre. He did a get, slinking his hook away, hotfooting
it to the hoots of "Beat it!" He can chew up your pathetic
thugologians with a butt-split plunked 'pon the quivering PINKNESS of
bewildering TRIPLE-speak. Modemac stands astride the bastardal
connivance of JHVH's wormy PECKER and SPITS BLOOD at the
cootie-ridden, 3-D fart-damsels that gather in the wake of HIS mighty
prod-drips. Modemac is the GREAT FELTCHER of gefalle ich auch mir. He
is the keeper of the LINGO. He is the hochgewolbt of HORNY
HIGH-FALUTIN' ahnungsvoll-volk! He sprints a MEAN FANDANGO! Modemac
pulses where pinks puke. He instantly recognizes his ausgesetzt
MEMBER and SLAMS it into the BUTTS of MOONIES!!!! He is the cure for
(he's also invited to DokStok, and YOU aren't, pinkboy). He is
nevertheless chagrined ...

(tape runs out)

Transcribed by Rev. Sternodox - 1995

- end -

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