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LOOK!! This is the original poster, here]\
lorri (lorri@conline.com) wrote:
: This is the second calling for "THE GATHERING". This posting is
: looking for the "Advanced Spiritual Beings" that are needed for the
: building of the Pyramid.

: If you have had visions or dreams of the pyramid and you are
: an advanced soul who feels called to this project please contact me
: as soon as possible via E-Mail.

: To all those who don't understand this I am sorry for taking
: up your space, but it is the only way to reach the ones I need. Please
: forgive any inconvenience and go on with your lives in peace.

: Peace,

: Lorri O:)

: lorri@conline.com

I'm just reposting the damn thing, so PLEASE don't mail
me! You seem like morons when you do that (You know who you are).

festering fesse


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