This Guy Knows EVERYTHING!

Date: 22 Mar 1995 18:12:52 -0500

My roommate Thea went to the laundromat yesterday, and she met a guy she
describes as "an old hick". Apparently, he says he knows EVERYTHING!
Here's an ASCII version of his card (!):

King of Mercury, Pluto & Earth
Crown Prince of Venus, Mars & Stawberrya
(see reverse side)


345 Park #12
Casper, Wyoming 82601

Lovers of money and this world, please do not waste my time.

The address is handwritten in, since the old one was crossed out.
According to Thea, King John shows up at the Laundromat every day to hit
on the attendant and tell people to send him questions about the universe.

Since the Arisians guy from Hiigh Weirdness is gone, this is now the only
High Weirdness by Mail I've found in Wyoming.



Subject: Re: This Guy Knows EVERYTHING!
From: (MONTYKINS@DELPHI.COM) (John C. Lyons) writes:

> This guy is seriously in need of a web page. Think your roommate
>could entice him onto your computer for a RANT-session? "Bob" could use
>some fresh blood, so to speak...

Well, I'm not entirely certain I want him in my house, but I'm certainly
planning to "interview" him . . .



Subject: The Time Formula
From: (Kid Ginsu)

C'aint rememb'r who posted KING JOHN WILLIAM's address but its changed
to: KING JOHN WILLIAM General Delivery Tucumcari, New Mexico 88401.
This was sent me by him.

(Written at the palace of King John William on March 27th, 1995)


I first wrote the time formula on Augt. 27th, 1993 at Lexington,
Virginia, USA Now I have the rest, time, and energy to explain "time" to
the average workingman and workingwoman. Also, students of science of
the 7th grade level can learn about "time" in its true form.


Time is a momentary impulse emitted from the center of all
universes. The moment reaches the edges and center of all individual
universes and returns to the emitter instantaneously. Time is universal.

A moment is an undefined period of time that is less than a
second. I will go further into moments later in this paper.

First, all universes are constructed in a shape of a sphere. The
earth is a sphere,. The sun, venus and mars is a sphere. Between the
universes is a plasma that can be transported in either mass or
conventional energy.

Mass is weight without the component of the accelleration of
gravity. The acceleration of gravity varies from different heavenly
bodies and to different universes. Universes vary in size. This is why
one would weight different amounts on bodies just inside this solar system.

Conventional energy exist in many forms. Electromagnetic (this
is also light energy at the right frequencies). Kinetic(moving objects)
and others.

Time is a energy. It is very special, for it has no mass or
speed or velocity nor does it has any mass or conventional energy
insulator. Momentary time impulses passes through all that is known to
mankind. Time is completely separated from mass and conventional
energy. There is absolutely no connection between time and mass or
conventional energy. Mass is conventional energy and conventional energy
is mass, there is no more.

To the human being, there is this moment and no more. There is
no past and there is no future. There are moments to come that one can
make plans. There are moments past that one can remember, reflect, and
learn knowledge.

Ta= alpha time= beginning time
To= omega time= ending
Mp= moment impulse (emitter)
Mhb= moment impulse (human being)
Uk= connector (king of individual universe)
00= infinity

Ta= Mp > Mhb > / 2 > 00 + Uk= To

To= Uk - 00 x 2 > Mhb > Mp= Ta

Ta= To and To= Ta

Time is a circle. It is possible for one to travel in time with
the use of a protonicmagnetic generator. (!) I'll discuss this subject
at a later time in another paper.

Special note:

Mp (the emitter) can vary each moment from zero (0) to infinity
(00) in speed of moments upon the will of the emitter. This will effect
the "time length memory" a human being feels. This is why one decade
seems to go faster than another.


Time is not time but it is a tool used by the gods and THE
ALMIGHTY GOD, manage and control events to come and to study past
events. If time stopped this very moment, the human being would not know
the difference, nothing would change.

All human beings ask, "where is the end of time "? The end of
time is at the end of this moment. It is not out in outer space or a
hundred billion years from now.

First, the only creature upon this planet who is concern about
time is the human being. All other creatures use an internal clock and
or sight movements from the heavenly bodies and other simple means. The
creatures other than mankind are happy with all they have and lives to
live. Mankind must know how much time he will have to gain it all and
lives to die and are usually unhappy.

A moment of time is geared from the heavens just for human
beings. A moment is the time it takes to feel pain. A moment is the
time it takes to hear true slander and then feel heartache. A moment is
the time it takes to start a baby's heart in the mother's womb. A moment
is the time it takes between the last heartbeat and death.

Thus, all the time one has is one moment. This is the maximum
length of time that one posesses.

Hence, the end of time exist within this moment. In a picture,
the end of time looks like an ice cream cone or a spoke from an old
fashion wooden wagon wheel. The moment is at the widest part and the end
of time tapers to infinity. This is the end of time for mankind until
the next moment comes.

Therefore, take one moment of time and divide it by the number
two over and over and over. It is impossible to reach the number zero.
This is the end of time. This is infinity to the human being.


I want my people to be free from the fear of time. I want our
scientists to begin work on mass to energy to mass convertors, to
increase and decrease the speed of light, and to build a element to
element convertor so we may save our planet from mining and other forms
of rape. We shall buid above ground compound combiners, and many other
dreams. I want the very best for GOD'S children. Obey HIS law if you
can't do nothing else (the ten commandments). Try to treat other folks
in a nice way (try getting along). He or she who is without sin or
mistakes please raise their hand.

Best Wishes,

King John William (signed)



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