Brain Eating Apes

Date: Sat, Dec 10, 1994 3:18 AM CST

The "kook of the month" here at Kooks HQ is Oskar Kiss Maerth,
author of "The Beginning Was the End," a new (sort of) theory of human
evolution. Ken says that this is the book "that inspired Devo." Do you
know anything about that? Does Mark Mothersbaugh have an e-mail address
or PO box? I'd like to ask him. Anyway, the "theory" is that our ape
forebears began to kill other apes, so that they could eat their brains,
because not only did eating brains make them smarter, but also made 'em
crazy sex machines! They became addicted to brains, so to speak, and
eventually became naked apes due the action of brain upon the ape
hormone system.

This book was originally written in German, while its author was
living in a Chinese monastery. Somebody here translated it into English.
The guy at the "As You Like It" Library sent it to me (along with 3 other
amazing kook tomes) to borrow & now I'm extremely agitated that I don't
own my own copy.

Remember those sour candies you had here, the Mega-Warheads?
Well, for a while I became addicted to them, sort of. A While later I
thought I'd developed a cavity but the dentist couldn't find one, and
asked me if I'd been eating a lot of tomatoes or lemons. Immediately I
figured out the culprit and banished them from the house!

Ken says you get America On-line for free. Damn. I got ten hours
(I've only used 4 so far) free for a month (trial membership) & it's so
much easier to use than this archaic thing, but it also provides non-stop
distraction so that every time I decide to do some particular thing, I
get distracted by pictures, news, magazines, etc., which all take
infernally long to load in or whatever.

Yours in slack,


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