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On 28 Mar 1995, Joe Newman wrote:

> There's a new newsgroup for the only guy who could ever
> hope to compete with Bob Tilton for the title of chief
> superior dadapreacher:
> It's young, but it holds promise.
> -Joe Newman
NEITHER of these shows can compete with the MIND-SCREWING SLACK of the
immortal DR. GENE SCOTT. I used to experience Dr. Scott's show at
midnight on Sundays on our local independent station (you know, before
Fox began sucking them all into its ConDupe grasp).

Dr. Scott's show is slackfull to the EXTREME. Most of the show consists
of closeups of Dr. Scott in a tweed hat and reading glasses puffling
slowly on a cigar while the pledge number scrolls across the bottom of
the screen. Occasionally Dr. Scott will look up and deliver some
absolutely 200 PROOF RANTS about the workings of Satan upon his ministry.

"Look--look at where the pleding has stopped! SIX-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX
DOLLARD! This is truly the work of SATAN upon this ministry! Pick up

You have never, NEVER experienced pure BULLDADA until you've heard the
"KILL A PISSANT FOR JESUS" song which occasionally opens his show, or
seen the ENDLESS videos of the harness-racing operation which the Church
apparently owns.

Occasionally Dr. Scott will take call-in questions, which are handed to
him on index cards and he answers on-air. I once called in and asked him
if he'd been influenced by the work of Kierkegaard, which he dwelled on
for a good five minutes of UTTERLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE musings on his
seminary days.

IrRev Finagle
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Subject: Re: Bob Larson newsgroup
From: Bob Loftin

Yes, I must agree that Gene Scott is slackfull in the extreme. I don't
know how many hours I've sat entranced as he attempted to light his cigar.

One Halloween he read ghost stories for several hours. One of my
favorites Scott-deals is his pyramid theories. He has this weird sort of
numerlogy based theory that the Great Pyramid is actually a Christian
record of the history and future of the world. Its just too weird to
really explain it. Maybe "Bob" could, but not me.



Subject: Re: Bob Larson newsgroup
From: (John Hattan)

Bob Loftin <> wrote:

>Wow, I love Bob Larson. Does anyone remember a series of broadcasts that
>he did in about 1988-89. It was right before Halloween, and Bob had these
>callers who acted as if they were possessed by Satan. Over a period of
>about a week, Bob conversed with the various demons inhabiting a young
>woman. Finally, he claimed to have gone to her home town, to prevent her
>from being sacrificed on Halloween! This series included some really cool
>"creepy demon voices", etc.

A couple of months ago, he exorcized a demon from a woman on the air.
He was getting dismal donations for a couple of days in a row when a
woman called in saying she was posessed. What followed was the finest
couple of days of bulldada ever experienced. She cried, she roared, she
barked like a dog. That woman had a really courteous demon, however.
That demon just piped down and sat quietly during Bob's beg-breaks and

After that, several people have called in (myself included) complaining
to have demons. Bob has flatly refused to do any demon removal on the
air. Too bad.

One of the topics last week was "Paranoid Vampire Atheists". Seriously!
John Hattan High Popeness for life of the First Church of Shatnerology
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Subject: Re: Bob Larson newsgroup
From: (NENSLO)


Nenslo reminisces:

Only time I ever clapped eyes on the show was a couple of years
ago visiting my sister-in-law in the SFBay area. I don't see TV much so
I was real happy to see the Vietnamese music videos and all, but I kept
coming across this show where there was what looked like a church full of
people watching a big-screen TV. There was a still photo of some guy up
in the corner, and a voice mumbling continuously over a telephone about
how he was having a really good vacation, and sometimes they'd show a
video clip of the guy standing around looking at some horses. But they'd
always come back to this shot of the people watching the big TV. And
what they were watching... was WHAT I WAS WATCHING... specifically
THEMSELVES with a still photo of this guy dropped into the corner of the
screen. Watching THEMSELVES watching themselves, while this guy tells
them what a wonderful relaxing vacation he's having.

And I just KNEW those people were PAYING to do this. Paying a LOT.

That's Dr. Gene Scott. Can't watch 'im, can't beat 'im.
-Copyright NENSLO KDV 1995-
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Subject: Re: Bob Larson newsgroup
From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)

In article <3l9jo6$>, Bob Loftin
<> wrote:
> One Halloween he read ghost stories for several hours. One of my
> favorites Scott-deals is his pyramid theories. He has this weird sort of
> numerlogy based theory that the Great Pyramid is actually a Christian
> record of the history and future of the world. Its just too weird to
> really explain it. Maybe "Bob" could, but not me.

Believe it or not, I copped one of those pyramid rants of his off the


As a professional SubGenius preacher, I don't QUOTE or IMITATE Dr. Gene
Scott nearly as much as I do Swaggart, but I always end up refering to him
and describing him in glowing terms as an exemplary preacher, the only
honest televangelist. Well, Swaggart was "honest" in his own bizarre
Yeti-self-hating way. I mean, he meant his bullshit sincerely. We wasn't
just out for money. Maybe his wife was. But Jimmy Swaggart... man, nobody
can beat Swaggart. Swaggart's the Mick Jagger of preachers. The bulldada
aspect of his performances, above and beyond the great poebuckerness of
them, is that he CAN ALMOST SAVE YOU each time you hear him. COMING DOWN
from Swaggart is a TRIPPY experience. I think Janor would back me up on
all this.

Larson... that SCUM... lyin' bastard... AFRAID to have us on his show, yet
when challenged by SG callers on the air, he always claimed he INVITED US,
but we CHICKENED OUT... I DO have the GOOD "BOB" Larson calls on tape.
Some of them, anyway. Those I can even find in the Vault.

On Beta I have an Oprah Winfrey show pitting Larson and a patently fake
"former Satanic cult member who murdered children" against three "witches"
-- REAL typical Wiccan gals -- and, of all people, WHITLEY STREIBER, who
had just finished a horror novel that involved him in researching Wicca.
Whitley was feeling very defensive about these nice Pagan folks, as
he'd just discovered them... I know sort of how he feels, I went through
that phase... anyway, the funniest part of the whole thing was how
SURPRISED Whitley was by Larson and his crony. It was as if Streiber had
IGNORANCE of these city-boys sometimes...The WITCHES were QUITE familiar
with the syndrome and kept their equanimity and corniness. But watching
ol' Larson duke it out with this earnest, baffled intellectual, whose butt
by his own admission has been violated by Greys... man. It was what
channel surfing is all about.


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