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Hakan Borglund wrote:

Published in "Aftonbladet", Sweden . January 2, 1995.

Translation from Swedish by Annika Sundbaum-Melin.

Lisa Marie Presley is known to the world for two reasons: She is Elvis's
daughter and she is the heir to a 100 million dollar trust. She is also
the woman that married Michael Jackson.

But actually we don't know very much about her, very little of her life
story has reached the press.

Is the woman married to Michael Jackson really Lisa Marie? Many are in
doubt - Hakan Borglund (Sweden) has spent years to prove that she is not.
Aftonbladet's reporter Annika Sundbaum-Melin has searched for the truth
for four months. Dentists, odontologists and laymen have been heard. This
is her report.

"Lisa Marie is a fraud"

Swedish scientists: Elvis's real daughter disappeared 1978.

The woman who is married to Michael Jackson is not Lisa Marie Presley!

That is the sensational statement of two Swedish scientists who have been
investigating Lisa Marie Presley for several years.

- The real Lisa Marie ceased to appear in the press as early as 1978,
says Mr Hakan Borglund at the University of Uppsala and Mr Greger
Johnson, scientist at the University of Lund.

Hakan Borglund has dedicated the last five years to study the facts about
Elvis Presley's only child. At this point he is of the opinion that he ha
s evidence that the Lisa Marie Presley portrayed in the press is a double
and not the real thing.

- 1982 the double appears in the press for the first time, after that,
for a period of five years there wasn't any pictures published of Lisa
Marie whatsoever. That was during the pubertal facial growth spurt, when
the face changes the most, explains Mr Borglund , who is a Master of
Science in Computer Technology at the University of Uppsala.

Mr Borglund has done a facial analysis of Lisa Marie based on earlier do
ctor dissertations concerning the facial pubertal growth of among others
25 girls of Northern European ethnic origin born in Denver.

"Not even a surgeon can shrink the skull"

- I have compared pictures of Lisa Marie at the age of nine and the
pictures that are taken recently. It shows that Lisa Marie's skull have shrunk
13 percent after puberty. A skull can not shrink ,it is impossible even if
you have the most skilled surgeon to help you, says Mr Borglund.

Head Dentist Dr Christer Ekstrom, who himself has done research on facial
growth and done a thesis on the subject is not quite as sure as to Mr.
Borglund's evidence.

- The time between nine and 18 years of age is a long period of time in
matters concerning biology, great individual variations are possible. I have
read Mr Borglund's analysis and I am impressed of his work. The analysis
is not good as an absolute proof, I would concider it as circumstancial
evidence that we are dealing with two different persons , and he may very
well be correct in his conclusion.

Greger Johnson, Scientist at the University of Lund agrees with Mr

- Mr Borglund's facial analysis is a piece of solid workmanship that in a
scientific way shows that the person now calling herself Lisa Marie is a

"Lisa Marie's life was in danger"

Bill Beeny, the owner of an Elvis museum in St: Louis has quoted Mr
Borglund's analysis in a talkshow on American TV.

- I know that Mr Borglund is right. I have other information that
confirms Mr Borglund's analysis. The real Lisa Marie is living undercover
and she was moved away at a very early stage, because of serious threats
of kidnapping the family recieved when Lisa Marie was a little girl.
Producing a double was the only way to protect her since her life was
in danger, says Mr. Beeny.

"A DNA-test would prove that we are right"

- My personal theory is that everything started out to protect a child
and that it somewhere went wrong on the way. Lisa Marie is an adult
now, and has to be allowed to live her own life, not to be hidden away
in the shadow of a lookalike. A DNA-test would proof that we are right,
says Mr Beeny.

But, Why?

- Yes, why hasn't Lisa Marie gotten her inheritance yet? Why is
Graceland and her money run by her mother and the Church of Scientology?

- I don't really speculate in why, I just whant to find out where the real
Lisa Marie is, says Mr Borglund.


1. Mr Hakan Borglund, University of Uppsala, and Mr Greger Jonsson,
scientist at the University of Lund (upper left corner), are convinced
that Lisa Marie is a fraud.

2. The real Lisa Marie-this is what she should look like. This is how
Elvis Presley's daughter looks like today , when the picture of her is
produced by a state of the art computer. The picture is based on three
separate pictures, one each of her parents 20 and one of Lisa Marie age
nine. The media company Gothenburg Experience, Inc. has produced
the image with a morphing program in a very powerful computer by
letting the three pictures blend into one and showing a picture of
Lisa Marie at age 26.

3. Fake Lisa Marie-this is what she looks like. This is what the woman
looks like that married Michael Jackson. But this is not Lisa Marie Presley
according to Swedish scientists Mr Greger Johnson and Mr Hakan Borglund.

- I have compared pictures of Lisa Marie at age nine with current pictures
of her. The result is that her head has shrunk by 13 percent since puberty.
A cranium can not shrink as you get older even if the most skilled surgeon
would help you, it is impossible, says Mr Borglund.

4. "The cranium has shrunk by 13 percent- it is impossible"

The solid line shows the size of Lisa Marie's cranium at age nine, the do
tted line shows her double's size of the cranium today, 17 years later.

If this was Lisa MarieABs cranium it would have had to shrink 13
percent, according to Mr BorglundABs analysis, which is medically

Mr Borglund has conducted measurements of Lisa Marie's facial
proportions on 38 official pictures of her. The measurements are
based on the Canadian thesis " The pattern of facial growth before
and during puberty, as shown by French - Canadian girls".

The Canadian scientists states in their thesis from 1979 that the cranium
has reached 90 percent of final size by the age of six.

[Pictures may be posted if requested]

Lisa Marie-year by year

1967 Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu marries

1968 Lisa Marie is born

1973 Priscilla leaves Elvis and files for divorce

1977 Elvis Presley dies. At his funeral is the nine year old Lisa Marie
(her last public appearence for nine years)

Elvis leaves everything to his daughter as stated in his last will, Lisa
Marie is to recieve the inheritance on her 25 birthday

Priscilla figures that she also should have some of the inheritance
(even though she wasn't married to him when he passed away), she sues the
estate and succeds in recieving a couple of million of Lisa Marie's

1986 When Lisa Marie is 18 she flashes by in American magazines and then
disappears again.

1988 She appears again when she marries Danny Keough whom she met at the
Scientology church.

1990 After another two years she again appears in the press after having
given birth to a daughter.

1992 She also gives birth to a son, but pictures of her children appears
even more seldom than do the pictures of her.

1993 "People Weekly" tells that Lisa Marie and her family is living in a
three-bedroom apartment in Hollywood without bodygards.

When Lisa Marie turns 25 she turns the inheritance down, worth somwhere
around 100 million dollars. According to the first information in Swedish
press , it was Lisa Marie's own wish that the inheritance be postponed
until she is 30 since she considered herself to be to immature to handle it.
Other sources stated that Priscilla had succeded in getting Lisa Marie
incapacitated. Either one have been confirmed.

Jack Soden is running Graceland Enterprises. And in the background is P
riscilla who has been running the company in later years. Many say that
the Scientology church has a big influence in the running of Graceland.

1994 Dee Presley , who was married to Vernon and Lisa MarieABs step-gr
andmother says live on american TV during the Elvis tribute from Memphis

- Priscilla is so hard and cold, I havnABt been able to met Lisa Marie
since 1978.

Lisa Marie shocks the world by marrying Michael Jackson. A controversial
marriage that many consider to be unvalid.

By Annika Sundbaum-Melin

Hakan Borglund at University of Uppsala, Sweden

- end -

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