The Illuminati-Jewish Mafia

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Meet B Scott, PRODIGY's famous poster! Dig him up and shake his hand,
appreciate the man!

B Scott <> wrote:

>The Illuminati is the Jewish Mafia.

Jewish Mafia...Jewish Mafia...where have I heard those words juxtaposed

I know! I know! It was Woody Ford Allen's famous gangster movie THE

"Oy, Don Korleowitz, what do we do to this meshugge who upset you?"

"Leave a pig's head in his bed, you shmuck!"

No? Well, then how about "FREE MONEY!", the memorable spam posted last fall
by "Crusader", the spokesman for the ultra-right ultra-white ultra-Xian
hatemeisters National Alliance, to about six-zillion-and-thirty-two several
newsgroups -- reposted this semester by somebody from Netcom forging the
path to "Emmanuel Goldstein" at WELL under a title I won't offend your
sensibilities by repeating (I laways called it "Fondle my hot shiny 8 foot
Newsgroups: line!" anyway). Crusader promises the free-money seeker:

"Generous funds to `help you get started' are available if you are a member
of Jewish organized crime gangs newly arrived as `refugees' from Russia."

To which Major Dennis Bloodnock says, "Quick, Neddie! Hand me that Russian-
Yiddish dictionary you just happened to be carrying! o/~ We're in the
money... o/~" (To which, in turn, Crow T. Robot said "Oy vey.")

>The Jewish Mafia call themselves
>the Illuminati.

[Stimpson J. Cat mode on] Oh joy! He's going to quote the PROTOCOLS OF THE
ELDERS OF ZION! [Stimpy mode off]

>The Illuminati means enlightened one.

No, "Illuminati" means enlightened _ones,_ plural. One enlightened one
alone would be an Illuminatus.

>The Buddhist,
>Jews, and Freemasonry believe in enlightenment.

And so do most other religions on the planet. So what's your point?

>Dalai Lama is a 33
>degree Scottish Rite FreeJew, and he is member of the Illuminati.

Y'hear that, Sari? HHtDL is one a'them durn corpse-eatin' Masonic Jews!
(Notice that he carefully avoids mentioning El Dupree, perhaps fearing
that he might be challenged to CamChata.)

>Dalai Lama belongs to a secret Jewish society called the Billdurberg.

We're getting into a whole weird area here, folks. (And also he misspelled
"Bilderberg", but I don't do spelling flames, so I won't mention that.)

>The Billdurberg is a group of elite Jewish International Bankers.

So what's an exiled Tibetan holy man doing among their number?

>Billdurberg was founded in 1952 in a Dutch hotel called the
>Billdurberg. Every year the Billdurberg have a meeting. They will
>choose the finest hotel in the country.

"Mrs. Holliman wishes a drive in the country."
"Which country?"

>The International bankers send
>everyone who works at the hotel on vacation by paying them off. They
>will paid the guest thousands of dollars so they can find another hotel.
And yet...for some reason...nobody ever complains publicly about this.

>The police, and millitary surrounds the hotel, and the meeting is
>conducted secretly. There are two Jewish trillionare that run the
>Jewish Mafia, or the Illuminati. David Rockefeller, and Lord
>Rothschild are head of the Jewish Mafia.
Just out of philosophical curiosity, what color is the sky in the particular
parallel universe you're posting from, and who were the last five Presidents
of the United States of America? (Always assuming, of course, that the USA
as a political unit exists on your timeline, as opposed to the USNA, NAU,
GUSA, or the Nordamerikan Protektorat.) Maybe I can help you get home.
please excuse our dust -- .sig undergoing renovation -- please slow to 2400

- end -

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