The Best Book on Real KOOKS

If you want a REALLY in-depth look at the most intense of the so-called crackpots, including your faves from HWbM + many others, get Donna Kossy's book,


- $16.95 + postage from Feral House, PO Box 3466, Portland, OR 97208.

Devotes many pages to each of hundreds of "visionaries." Extensive reprints of choice rants! - plus great pictures, telling but uncondescending commentary by major crackpotologist Donna Kossy and, best of all, personality profiles and biographies of the visionaries. I cannot highly enough praise this DAMNED THING! Best cross section of the lunatic fringe available on today's Earth - the new "Bible" of us extremism enthusiasts. It's a dream come true.

-- Rev. Ivan Stang


Re: DEVOtees

From: (Dork Dickweed)
Date: 4 Jun 1995 17:41:17 GMT

You aren't kidding about KOOKs being a DAMN GOOD book! You hear people
talking about "alternative music" and "alternative fashion" and
"alternative medicine" BLA BLA BLA! Who gives a crap about any of that?
THIS IS ALTERNATIVE THOUGHT!!! You just can't beat that!
The only thing missing were addresses, some of which I'm sure can be
pulled from High Weirdness.
Give my compliments to the author. Or kill me.

-Rev. Dork Dickweed

Subject: Re: DEVOtees
From: Donna Kossy (

Thanks for saying so. The reason I didn't include addresses is that they
become obsolete so quickly. I keep track of addresses and other info in my
"Kooks Database" hard copies of which are available from me, for $10. If
you want more info on that, as well as updates and other neat stuff come
to my Kooks Museum at If you don't have
web access, drop me a line.


Donna Kossy (

The Kooks Museum
PO Box 86663
Portland, Oregon 97286


Subject: Re: DEVOtees
From: (Dork Dickweed)

Wow. Updates and more... !
A vast well of ideas which, when mixed up with the rest of the sausage
in my brain, could spawn new ideas. Egad.
This year I did an animation on trepanning and my copy of Kooks came
just in time to help. The descriptions were priceless inspiration! I
think that I really need to see Heartbeat in the Brain someday.
I shall write to the Kooks museum! Unless I forget or I'm too lazy.

- end -

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