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[ Posted on 28 Jan 1995 18:43:28 GMT ]

An Announcement About The Planetary Cafe:

Are you looking for more information & resources in the USA networking

How many other people around the country feel the way you do about the
erosion of our freedoms and rights, the approaching global government of
the year 2000, government cover-ups, government waste, and the ongoing
assault of our personal property rights, privacy, and religious freedom?
How can you find, correspond and network with with these like minded
individuals? Now is the time to network with your neighbors around the
country and share your information and research collectively! People who
want a return to sanity in this country can get their collective voices
heard when they combine their numbers, information and resources! They can
also exchange goods and services collectively and provide for their
families those items that are needed most for healthy survival in the
times to come.

If you have never heard of:
The Bilderberg Group
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Tri-Lateral Commission
The Committee of 300
The Order.......
then you need to contact us. These are just a few of the world order
secret clubs and enclaves
who posture publicly to perform one function, while in private they have
held a deathgrip on America's government for decades.

>>We are now publishing an extensive news and networking newspaper 6
times a year for all freedom lovers and motivated activists called THE
PLANETARY CAFE. Each issue is jammed packed with astonishing news items
that cannot be found in the mainstream press, inside information on UFOs
and recent sightings across the USA, explanations about the "new world
order" that make the emerging global superstate easy to identify,
extensive information and resource lists for activists, plus much much
more. To subscribe send an email message that says "send subscription info
on Planetary Cafe"and we'll email a subscription form to you. Subscription
is USA$48 per year for 6 issues.

To advertise your cause or business, email your ad info and we will
design, illustrate and typeset your ad for free. A 4x4" minimum display ad
is only $200 for 2 consecutive issues- all ads must be pre-paid. We will
invoice you when we send your typeset proof for approval prior to

WINTER/SPRING deadline is February 10th for ad submissions.

Your information will travel far and wide around the world through our
unique confidential subscriber list and on'line "mini-issues", plus you
will be supporting the cause of freedom for USA citizens who want to keep
our nation sovereign and apart from the emerging global superstate that is
being planned past the year 2000.


PARTNERS IN FREEDOM offers a unique and confidential clearinghouse of
information and research exchange for US citizens of like mind who want to
find out more about what has been happening to America behind-the-scenes
since 1910 and earlier. We publish essays & research, research summaries,
extensive data on UFOs worldwide, new world order research, provide
confidential "contact lists" of sources for more NETWORKING information,
provide source lists for barter groups, survival-in-the-wilderness
catalogues and items, and provide confidential lists of publications and
books that are available that tell the real story about the secret world
government that has already been in place for more than 40 years! Many
people have sacrificed a great deal to bring some of this information to
the surface where everyday citizens could access it and learn the truth.
When you receive our free materials, you are welcome to pass reports along
to friends and family.

For more information and a free report, email:
and enter under subject: SEND FREEDOM DATA.
BE SURE to include a postal mail address and and your real email address
with your correspondence. If you send an anon email address, I cannot
guarantee that you will receive any email from us, as we have found the
anon servers to be undependable, and UN-anonymous.

>>To order the "COMPLETE 1995 INFORMATION CLEARINGHOUSE" in text form,
send a note that says "send clearinghouse" BY EMAIL to:

Again, be sure to include a postal mail address and and your real email
address with your correspondence. We'll send your issue (1995
Clearinghouse due out in February) and invoice you. The Clearinghouse is
$10 per copy, and runs about 8-16 pages front and back. We will include
alot of extra freebies with your 95 Clearinghouse also.

Include your return postal address.
We look forward to hearing from you!


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