The Craft and Tantra
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jimwalrod@aol.com (JimWalrod)writes:

>I am looking for specific material relating the Wiccan Craft to Tantra as
>a birthday gift for my wife. It's coming up in July so I'd appreciate any
>quick quidance that could be offered. I don't think I'll be able to find
>the appropriate text at Waldenbooks. Thanks in advance for any help.

You might want to look at our book on the Ancient Hawaiian System of Tantra.


Aloha from Hawaii,
Tad James, MS, PhD
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A Book Delivered by Angels!
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[NOTE from Modemac: Boy, there are more ads on talk.religion.misc than
there are onb alt.sex! At least on alt.sex, those guys don't pretend to
be trying to save your soul when they plug their stuff. I don't know how
many words the "official" Bible has, but it sounds like this one here is
a Bigger Bible With Lots Of Important Stuff Added.]

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Circa 1935 a book is delivered by angels!

436 beautifully soft-bound pages with maps and illustrations. THERE IS

God's Bible is twentieth century revelation that was delivered by angels
to this planet cicra 1935. God's Bible is a epochal revelationm the
first since Jesus of Nazareth walked upon this earth. Part IV of the
God's Bible contains the complete LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF JESUS, from his
birth on August 21, 7 B.C. until his ascension to his father on May 18,
30 A.D.. Nothing is left out, his childhood and early manhood are
narrated in detail. The 350,000 word text of God's Bible is faithful to
the original text of Part IV of the Urantia Papers as materialized about
1935 and as published in 1955, and does not contain the corrections that
were made by Human beings in later editions.


With your package you will receive a certificate for a set of free
computer disks containing the full text of God's Bible. You will then
have, at your finger tips, the complete million word text of God's
Bible. Find references in seconds and print text as you wish! All 196
papers of the Urantia revelation are included. Just as they were given
to us-with out the human corrections of later editions. ORDER NOW!! $9.
95 + $3.00 shipping.

urantiaAP VURH94A@prodigy.com

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Subject: Re: A Book Delivered by Angels!
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Ah, good to see Urantia online. That Bible was delivered specifically by
MAILROOM angels sent by the Clerk Angels after the Recording Angels
finished with 'em there in the 12th SupraUniverse. Philo and I have spent
many fun-filled hours pouring over that particular big blue Bible.

I hadn't noticed what Jesus's actual birthday was, though. Finally I have
a celebrity to share a birthday with. Naw, forget it... then I'd get less
Christmas presents.



Re: Cosmic Battle!

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dynasor@infi.net (Dennis McClain-Furmanski) wrote:
: We're not the only ones that can rant. This guy's not bad.
: I'm just too lazy to do a search-and-replace to insert "Bob" and such.
: Enjoy.

Woooo! At first when I skimmed this article, I though "Heh,
another Christian telling me that I'm going to Hell." But
wait -- lookee yonder -- it's W. Raymond Drake, the author
of many wild and crazy PAPERBACK BOOKS OF THE GODS. I've
got two of W. Raymond Drake's books. They were written back
in the late sixties just around or after the more well known
Eric Von Daniken books. Drake is the first person *to* *my*
*knowledge* that makes the claim: "JHVH was a space alien!"

Of course, Reverend Stang should be able to make a more authoritative
statement on who started the "JHVH is a space alien" movement.

<post summary>
: From: djones@peg.apc.org
: To: dynasor@infi.net
: Subject: Cosmic Battle: Roots of Ult. Conspi

: The Cosmic Battle: Examining the Roots of the Ultimate
: Conspiracy
: By Life Science Fellowship
: The god of this world and the image of deity most persons hold to,
: is Satan the Devil.


: Man's Hidden Origins
: A number of writers postulate that in keeping with that body of
: inner or esoteric wisdom handed down from remote times, Etherian
: Beings, hermaphrodites, descended from 'the great beyond' millions
: of years ago to populate the now lost continent of Lemuria. W.
: Raymond Drake states, "after many ages under terrestrial
: conditions their bodies gradually materialised to coarser
: vibrations...male was separated from female." This stage
: corresponds to the sixth day creation of Genesis where we read:

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RELIGION: Unification Church Home Page and FTP Site

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Unification Home Page <URL:http://www.cais.com/unification>
Unification FTP Site <URL:ftp://cais.com/pub/unification> as user id ftp


A presentation of the life, teachings, and public work of Rev. Sun
Myung Moon and his wife Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and the Unification Church.

True Parents and the Completed Testament Age - a speech given by Mrs.
Hak Ja Han Moon in 44 countries in 1993.

Divine Principle - The revelation received by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

God's Will and the World - Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

World Scripture - A comparative anthology of sacred texts from the
world's religions.

=46ather's Course and our Life of Faith - 21 Talks on the life of Rev.
Sun Myung Moon by his first disciple, Rev. Won Pil Kim.

Speeches by Rev. and Mrs. Moon.


Damian Anderson +1-301-921-0082 damian@cais.c=
Unification Home Page http://www.cais.com/unification
Unification FTP Site ftp cais.com as user id ftp, cd /pub/unification
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Subject: Re: RELIGION: Unification Church Home Page and FTP Site
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MONTYKINS@DELPHI.COM (MONTYKINS@news.delphi.com) wrote:
: Yes! NOW, we're talking!

: -Monty, getting ready to giggle maliciously
: --
: Why doesn't "Bob" have any lips?

Because he isn't a real person. He is a copyrighted piece of old clip-art
from a Dallas phone-book.

Or maybe, just maybe, the lips are off doing something horrific and
impossible to a cheerleader.


Psychoceramics: The study of crackpots.
(Lou DuChez)


From: will@polecat.law.indiana.edu (Will Sadler)

How about "High Wierdness by WWW" ? It is amazing how many of
the wierdos listed in your amazing tome _High Wierdness by Mail_
have now moved out onto the Internet. For example,

Sumerian wierdness http://werple.apana.org.au/sumeria/sumeria.html
Tibetan Mandalas http://www.nets.com/asianart
MkzdK http://beep.roadrunner.com:80/~mkzdk/
Bianca http://bianca.com/btp/

and the list goes on. I didn't even list the Fortean people
or alt.tasteless


c/o Obscure Research Labs
BT Elder
POB 15266
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Universal Life Church
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For those who are interested in the Universal Life Church and becoming
ordained members thereof, there is now a newsgroup,
alt.religion.universal-life now available.

Dive in!
And you might want to try alt.atheism to sharpen up them theological argyin'
skills. Try alt.religion.scientology to see how to run a really scary cult
and make big $$$. Try alt.fan.gene-scott for the short wave frequncy of
God's own angry prophet.

Pope Charles
SubGenius Pope Of Houston

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