(excerpted from Interim Stark Fist, Summer 1994)

To tide you over until the FIST is published, we present this MINI-OTHER MUTANTS list of a few recent absolute, greatest, can't-live-without 'em PRODUCTS FOR WEIRDOS - the ones that lead to OTHER products for weirdos.

NOTE: We do not list publications and artists ONLY because they are our friends. But we do happen to have the most talented and interesting friends in the world.

- new magazine that is partially like Factsheet Five (reviews of oddball publications, music, etc.), but also features in-depth articles and interviews on damn near anything outside of "normal" bounds. There's a lot on the Grateful Dead universe, tape bootlegging, hacking, extremist art, etc. Write for subscription info: Gray Areas, PO Box 808, Broomall, PA 19008-0808. There's a very long, detailed, "definitive" interview with I, Stang in the Fall '93 issue.

- PO Box 49921, Austin, TX 78765 $3.50 sample, 4/$12. This is a little bit like MONDO 2000 was in the old days, when it was HIGH FRONTIERS, but weirder - that is, it's heavy on the cyberspacial computer interfacial gobbledegook, but more likely to catch the Midwestern trends before they become trendy on a Coast. Both a magazine and a catalog, they sell software and books and geegaws for the modern hacker, slacker or nut. This represents such an advanced tie-in to the on-line world that much of it's way over my head - but would probably be of utmost interest to the psychedelic cybergeek.

- "An Esoteric Journal for the Masses" - PO Box 1077, Los Angeles, CA 90048; 4/$12 or $3.50/sample. A new quarterly compendium of articles, ads, rants & reviews concerned with UFO mythology, conspiracy theories, the Self - you know, the usual psychotronic cornucopia. #2 covers Crowley as UFO contactee, new looks at the Clay Shaw trial, UFO personality Bill Moore explaining himself, Shakespiere's return, + useful ads. For those who've already been through UFO/Conspiracy 101 and need juicier doctorate-level weirdness. I owe these guys an article. Hmmm. Okay, look for my confession in these pages about how my whole family was abducted by aliens. (Honest! I "accessed" the "hidden memories!" Heh, heh.)

- Paul Rydeen, PO Box 250147, Montgomery, AL 36125-0147, $5 postpaid - Huge database of nearly 1000 addresses (and spare descriptions) from the fringes of society. Categories include Anarchists, Astronauts, Book Catalogs, Brains, Comix, Conspiracies, Contactees, Creationists, Crop Circles, Cryptozoology, Drugs, Druids, Egyptians, Eschatology, Essenes, ESP, Forteana, Freethinkers, Gnostics, Head Zines, Humor, Left-Hand Path, Life Extension, Lovecraft, Mail-Order Ministries, Mind Machines, New Age, Occult, Orgone, Psychedelia, Radionics, Rastafarians, Right Wingers, Schizophrenics, Sci-Fi, Sleaze, Smart Drugs, Survivalists, Tapes, Tesla, Thelemites, UFOs, Videos, Voodoo, Witches, Zionists and many more. This updated reference book represents years of research, invaluable to the serious crackpotologist.

- publishers and reprinters of a growing line of underground and "conspiracy-nut" classics, such as George Andrews' Extraterrestrial Friends and Foes, The Gemstone Files, Saucers of the Illuminati, Principia Discordia and the works of Kerry Thornley & Aleister Crowley. Send $1 for catalog from PO Box 2808, Liburn, GA 30226. Any given book they publish belongs on every SubGenius's shelves.

ARG catalog - these folks distribute and LIST (a la Factsheet Five) a huge line of alternative and underground magazines, books, etc., with categories like Green, Gender, Neo-Queer, Reefer, Anarchism. A companion to the Amok and Loompanics catalogs. $3 from Soapbox Junc, PO Box 597996, Chicago, IL 60659.

- PO Box 49233, Austin TX 78765 - 4/$12 or $5/sample - One of the very best psychotronic/conspiracy/UFOs/psychedelics/Philip K. Dick/Elder Gods/Szukalski/toad-licking magazines on the market. Read this and bathe in the fullness of esoteric paranoia at its most refined! No trendy babble, just the straight irreality poop! Highly recommended, professionally produced, a classic representative of the genre.
(What, it's a genre? I guess it is now. It's probably only a matter of time before one of these goes "slick" like Film Threat did. What next? "Slick" mags on prank calls? alt.prairie-squid? Who will finally make even the furthest of the fringe into a package of conceptual "toys" for the mainstream?? (Judging by the steady but meager sales of High Weirdness by Mail, it won't be The SubGenius Foundation!) And will this be bad or good, when every single street schizophrenic becomes a shor-dur-superstar on Fox for 15 minutes? It is to ponder.)

- 1643 Lee Rd. #9, Cleveland Hts., OH 44118; 216-932-5421 - ACE is the noble Association for Consciousness Exploration. They sponsor many types of events & festivals; these are tapes of their guest speakers and various musical groups. Loads of lively rants by Dr. Timothy Leary & Robert Anton Wilson; also Bob Shea, Harvey Wasserman, Ian Corrigan, Church of All Worlds, Isaac Bonewits as well as several uncut SubGenius devival rants by Rev. Ivan Stang (which we don't sell). Electronic music by Ron Slabe, plus many festival drumming tapes and songs by Vicky Ganger (Sr. Melodious Chopps), Ian Corrigan & others. Mountains of tapes on "spirituality," "paganism" and "magick," too - but don't let that deter you.

- P.O. Box 46581, Bedford, OH 44146 $2.50 @ or $9 for 4 issues. Subscribe to this magazine, and you'll have updated lists of cool stuff just like this list here! Many crackpotologists have requested that we update that old out-dated tome, HIGH WEIRDNESS BY MAIL, and we will, as soon as somebody offers us enough front-money to make it worthwhile! In the meantime, it's been done right here (and probably better) in Rev. Mike Kole's fine 60-page publication. There are lots of keen zines around that list kooks, crackpots, and outre' bulldada (some described below), but ASYLUM deliberately carries the High Weirdness torch of extremist sarcasmoresearch. More detailed, better illustrated, and obviously way more current than HWbM, it still covers that unparticular range from kook art to kook science to kook religions and politics, and with a similarly pitiless attitude. Early issues featured REVELATION X preview rants, Devival coverage, oddball classifieds - and even a list of all the HWbM listees that are no longer extant, to save you postage! Excellent indie music and tape reviews. As it says on the cover, "Cults! Forteana! Odd catalogs! Far-out Music! UFO Contactees! Religious Fanatics! World Class Ranters! Political Firebrands! Conspiracy Theorists! Suppressed Information!" No SubGenius should be without its ASYLUM FOR SHUT-INS in the bathroom. (Rev. Kole is also heard on WCSB Cleveland on Sunday nights along with Hour of Slack.)

- grab this quick before it's gone... never to be repeated. The outstanding feature of this is GREAT WRITING, pure and simple -- makes Hunter S. Thompson sound like Erma Bombeck. Definitively unflinching, hateful, and FAR BEYOND COOL. Jim and Debbie Goad will be your new anti-heroes. #3 has interviews with Dr. Kevorkian, Al Sharpton, other maniacs, but mainly features a hilarious encyclopedia of STARTLING SUICIDES. $5 for #3 from Goad to Hell, 1608 N. Cahuenga Blvd., #666, Hollywood, CA 90028. (Oops - just heard it's out of print. (They're in exactly the same boat we are, back-issue-wise). Send the $5 anyway. They plan to re-release their first 3 issues as one BOOK.)

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