Taking Toons to a New Level

From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

[NOTE from Modemac: The Net can bring people with the WEIRDEST tastes
together, resulting in some of the wildest, strangest ideas ever to pop up
on your screen. Here are three newsgroups that serve as an example:
alt.tv.tiny-toon.fandom, alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.cartoons and
alt.sex.plushies, where animation fans have expressed their suppressed
desires as far as they can go! Imagine a bunch of animation fans sitting
around and talking about the sexual characteristics of their favorite
cartoon characters...then writing stories to enhance those images, plus
.GIFs to bring those images to life. And over on alt.sex.plushies, learn
the techniques on how to sleep with your teddy bear in a manner that you
may never have thought of before! In this case, SPH = Strategically
Placed Holes. Me, I'm all for these folks! They're not ashamed to admit
that they have WEIRD tastes in sex, and what better way to express your
abnormality than by admitting this on the Net for thousands of strangers
to see?]

[ Article crossposted from alt.tv.tiny-toon.fandom ]
[ Author was Jonathan Woodward ]
[ Posted on 17 Apr 1995 16:16:38 GMT ]

-For those who haven't stumbled across it yet, the official TTBS
Moments webpage is at "http://www.io.com/~woodward/moments.html". It
includes every TTBSMo from "Whirlwind Romance" through "Artistic
Differences", the TTBS Moments Theme Song, and the "lost" TTBS Moment,
"Viewer Mail", never before released! Parental discretion advised, and
please don't drool on the rug.


Jonathan Woodward woodward@ftp.com woodward@io.com http://io.com/~woodward
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Subject: Re: Taking Toons to a New Level
From: jroberts@esu6.esu6.k12.ne.us (Jeff Roberts)

Hmm... whatever floats their collective boats...

I did find a FTP site for some of the...*ahem*...more interesting pictures.

ftp.netcom.com under the /pub/qu/quozl dorectory.

Comments: Interesting. Scary, but interesting. Do we really *need* a
picture of Babs Bunny with a carrot sticking out of her vagina?
Don't answer that...

Jeff Roberts -- jroberts@esu6.esu6.k12.ne.us
I never met a Jeff I didn't like.
Toonophilia? What a concept.

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