My home was prayed for by: Trey

by (sphinx drummond)

I found an interesting thing hanging on my door tonight. At
first glance it looked like one of those *do not disturb* door hangers,
closer inspection revealed it to be a *prayer* door hanger. It informed
me that my "home was prayed for by: Trey." Now I'm not the kind of
person who gets upset if someone without my consent prays for me, my
home, my car, my last bowel movement, or anything of mine for that
matter. I'm more than happy to provide grist for their prayer mill.

The prayer was/is as follows, "Lord: May you bless and keep this
house and may your face shine upon it and give it peace. And may
everyone who enter meet Jesus; in Jesus name we pray!"

OK, I live on south side of Austin and a large percentage of my
neighbors are hispanic. I've already met a couple of guys named Jesus,
which one was/is the prayer referring to. As I see it common decency
dictates that they should have included Jesus' last name in their prayer
so I would at least know when I met him, assuming I hadn't yet.

Also I keep going out in my yard and walking around my house
looking for "Bob"'s shining face, so far without any luck. I'm starting
to question the overall effectiveness of their prayer methodolgy.

The *prayer* door hanger also mentioned that they offer a free
home bible study. Come on, even I know anything of value is never really
free, I wonder what the hidden price may be.

Oh well it's almost time for Space Ghost, maybe Stang will be a
guest this time. I have just enough time to walk around the outside of
my house once more.

Col. Sphinx Drummond I always lie and that's the truth.
Commander of S.L.A.K. I just think...Hell, I don't know.

- end -

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