HOURS OF SLACK #'s 705 - 707

HoS 707
"Listen, Little Man"
Featured album: "ACID RANCH 2000" (great tripabilly music from Texas); Dr. Bizarro's The Big Machine SubG rock opera; Stang reads from Wilhelm Reich's "Listen Little Man"; Y2K rants plus Sister Melodious Chops' song "Why Too Kay"; great indie collage music from Seeland; ESO Radio Stang, LCDave on the Wooly Mammoth sex; ESO "Iodine 101" song

HoS 706 "Zontar's Halloween EcoHorror"

Rerun of classic show #259. Twin Peaks "Bob," Tilton Bob; KPFA old SUbG great clips; Queen Bee Bah-Bee-Que spots; extremely morbid old WATER POLLUTION HORROR rant by Stang; lots of great End of the World clip-collage cutting, Arnold Mathes instrumental music, ZONTAR THING FROM VENUS speaks!


HoS 705 "Third Cleveland Show"

Fine general all-purpose Hour of Slack. Dr. Bizarro new song "Cheesy Nights", Scatterbrain "Down with the Ship" cover; Stang reads many Great Thoughts and expounds on lofty things; Mojo Nixon song; The King "Something Else"; Connie Collage from Susie the Floozy; The Bran Flakes great collage/music clips; Dr. P. Ellis from WREK "Frop Fields of Tibet" from Fisting Around the World; Therion song; Paul Mavrides and Puzzling Evidence, Hal Robins on KPFA "The '60s"; ESO radio "Lonesome Retard Pimp Dave"

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