(was Re: drop dead, Erisian weenies)


> (Paul Kautz) wrote:
> >
> > So? My CAT once killed a human!
> >
> > Er, was it the other way around?
> For me, it was the other way around. My cat re-animated a dead human.
> -Jay

Hey, that's nothin'!

My dog cut off my cat's head and grafted it onto a
recently beheaded human body (he'd cut off that one, too,
rumored to be a missing famous person)

Then he re-animated his misanthrope just so he could have sex with it
and then kill it again.
and again...and again....etc.

His name is Hitler and he's out hunting for the real Rambo
with a BFG 9000, fully armed.

I don't even go near him anymore, he scares me.

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