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From: (Purple Kitty)
Date: Sun, 28 May 1995 06:29:47 GMT

Rev. Ivan Stang ( wrote:
: In article <>, (Purple Kitty)
: wrote:

: > Just OOC, what IS Buck up to nowayears?
: >

: Buck got married and is a daddy now (!!!). He's involved in some other
: cult -- he won't say which one, but he says it has 800 million members.
: HMMMMM. He doesn't play in bars around Dallas much any more.

Shit...I knew he'd turn out to be a Scientologist.

: He has calmed down a bit in his Church-hating. I think it kinda took the
: wind out of his sails when he'd said all the bad things he could think of
: about it, and everyone responded, "Okay."

Well, hell, he did schism, right? It might have been under
less-than-loving circumstances, but we certainly aren't gonna hate the
guy for schisming and blaspheming the my mind, that makes him
more SubGenius than anything! (I'm sure he'd LOVE to hear that...)

Rev Pee Kitty


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