Doctress Neutopia and "Bob"--Scandal?

By (Rev. Ivan Stang) () wrote:

> Let's finally have the TRUTH about Doctress Neutopia's relationship to
> various SPLINTER GROUPS of the Church!!
> What about the MONSTER TRUCKS?
> What about the RED MEAT?
> What about the GUT-SUCKING EVER-LOVING BLUEEYED *niceness* of it all?
> Where will it END????

Man... I promised her I wouldn't say anything about it... BUT, since you
ASKED, that excuses everything.

Yeah, all the gossip you heard is true. Kibo and I had a 5-way with
Doktress Neutopia. And it was TOO MUCH!! Not enough. Nina Hagen and Steve
Case were the other involved parties. It was TOO WEIRD. Case "had trouble"
but we forgive him. It's nothing to be embarrassed about... Kibo was the
one who surprised me. You'd think he'd be this nerdly guy... well he LOOKS
that way, but he's... uh, "PREHENSILE" would be the term, I guess. Nina
Hagen was scared, but we had a hell of a party anyway. I just wish she'd
shut up about that "OM" shit. Listen, Drs. Neutopia and me may be OLD
FARTS, but YOU'D BE SHOCKED if you could get the BOOTLEG VIDEOS... MORE
INTERNET GOSSIP available for only $50/line from:

PO BUCKS 14o3o6, DANG'isASS, TX ghdbm..g

Mothersbaugh has pictures.

For more details, check out Church of All Worlds... Morning Glory could
tell you a few things!!

(Otter, keep yr mouth SHUT!!))



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