Re: Bilderburger???

By Pastor Craig <104145.723@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 9 May 1996

The Bilderburgers is a rival hamberger chain to "Bob's" big boy.

The Bilderburgers and "Bob's" big boy have been in conflict for some
7,000 years, both trying to control the worlds hamberger market.

The history of the world is really the story of the conflict between
these two rival hamburger chains.

The American Revolution, World War one, and World War two; you think
you know why these wars occurred? HA! It is all a lie. The authors
of history are the ones with the most ketchup.

Even today, these two organizations are still locked in their death
struggle. One moment of loss of concentration by either side could
destablize half the world.

Even the greys have been seen making secret deals with the Bilderburgers.
Fortuneately for the good guys, Elvis Presley is one hundred percent
behind "Bob's" Big Boy.

So remember, the next time you buy a hamburger, you are engaging in
a decision of global importance. Remember to grind up "Bob's" head
for that makes the best hamburgers.

Pastor Craig

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