Would you care to define "rich"?

From: ljduchez@en.com (Lou Duchez)
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> How does anyone who's only making $60,000/year "have it made"?

If he doesn't spend like a complete idiot, that's how.

"... And I tried believin' in Mark 11:22-23 but it just don't work.
I don't know a single Xian who can move his frigging beer can across the
kitchen table in the name of Jezzzus much less throw a mountain into the
sea as Jesus said ya could. It's a fake. Jesus promised big, bad in yer
face type miracles but not a single Xian can do one as promised."

-- Pope Charles of Houston


Subject: Re: would you care to define
From: "Brian D. Bisson" <bdb@shadow.net>

lewiz@netcom.com (Lewis De Payne) wrote:
> How does anyone who's only making $60,000/year "have it made"?

Gee, I wish everyone in this newsgroup were ONLY making 60 GRAND a
year. WHAT a PITIFUL SUM of MONEY that is! You can barely buy a
BWM for that much MONEY! What are things COMING to? OOZSQUIRT into
my EYE if I can't see the TRUTH of this statement!

If I had tanj 60 GRAND a year, I'd be RICHER THAN YOU! I make half
that, and I'll always have it made, 'cuz I HAVE SLACK! MONEY is the
tool of the CON that keeps oyu in CHECKS and NO BALANCE! REMEMBER?


Doktor BDB
Excrimeditated Congregation of the Overinflated Head of L. Ron Hubbard


Subject: Re: would you care to define
From: Bobby Hodad <hodad@hooked.net>

lizard@cybernetics.net (Lizard) wrote:

> And I daresay a welder or a construction worker does more good, and less
> harm, than your average college prof.

Yeah. Ain't nuthin' worse than book learnin'. Pass me that thar jug, wouldya?
*hork* *spit* *pting!*


"I don't like knowing people." --Dr. Sweet


Subject: Re: would you care to define
From: apl@world.std.com (Tony Lawrence)

Lou Duchez (ljduchez@en.com) wrote:
: apl@world.std.com (Tony Lawrence) wrote:
: >
: > Teaching is not hard. I know this is going to raise the ire of certain
: > people here, but facts are facts. Teaching is part of what I do, and
: > it is definitely the easiest part of my job.

: "Part of what you do", tells us that you don't know what it's like to
: be a public school teacher. There have been several in my family, and
: I can tell you that their job is not easy.

Blah, blah, blah. I have friends who teach in public schools right now.
Unlike most of the socialistic sheep who toil there, they are of the
opinion that they are extremely well paid for what they do. Of course,
they have to keep their mouths shut around other teachers.

Bunch of cry babies.

: > Wages are based on supply and demand. Teaching is something an awful

: Yeah right. The working hours are *long* -- you can forget about having
: a life in the evening, and weekends can are often spent grading papers
: and preparing lessons. In terms of sheer numbers of hours spent working,
: teachers don't have it any easier than anyone else.

Oh, bull. Everybody's working hours are long. Most of us bring work home
and do some work on weekends. Most of us do *not* get every fricking
holiday nobody has ever heard of plus months long summer vacation.

: As for supply and demand, I'll remind you that public schools are not
: matters of pure capitalism, since taxes, not the market, determine
: what funds are available for paying teachers.

Idiot. Every year the teachers come to us, the taxpayers, asking
for more money. Some years we give it to them, some years we do
not. What the hell do you think drives our decision? Supply
and demand, perhaps?

: Sir, you seem so completely ignorant that I wonder if this is a troll.

Yeah, right. An idiot who thinks taxes have nothing to do with markets
calls me ignorant.
Taint Anthony the Astonished BAAWA!

Surgeon General's Warning: Quitting Religion Now Greatly Increases
the Chances of World Peace.


Subject: Re: would you care to define
From: i.stang@metronet.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)

apl@world.std.com (Tony Lawrence) wrote:

> Lou Duchez (ljduchez@en.com) wrote:
> : Sir, you seem so completely ignorant that I wonder if this is a troll.

Lou -- it's GOTTA be a troll. GOTTA be. Nobody could possibly... nah. No
way. It's a joke. This guy is definitely putting us on. The idea that
somebody could ACTUALLY BE so... I mean, COME ON. Impossible. That lack of
comprehension combined with that level of... aw, I get it! HAW HAW HAW!
That's a good one, Tony. You almost had us fooled.GREAT GAG!!

Rev. Ivan Stang

nd $1 for free information. PRABOB


Subject: Re: would you care to define
From: apl@world.std.com (Tony Lawrence)

Rev. Ivan Stang (i.stang@metronet.com) wrote:

: That's a good one, Tony. You almost had us fooled.GREAT GAG!!

Almost as funny as teachers whining about how hard they work.

You know, I don't think I've ever seen a poster telling about an
Exciting and High Paying Career in Education. You idiots knew what
you were getting into before you took your first course in college.

But now it's whine, whine, whine.

Yes, you work hard. But no harder than lots of other people. Underpaid?
Most everyone is, or at least thinks they are. Your (teachers) problem
is that you think you are something special. You aren't. Generally
speaking, you aren't any brighter or more capable than an awful lot
of other people being paid similar wages for similar work. You
complain that garbage collectors earn more? How many of you want
to get up at 4:00 AM in the freezing cold and sling around smelly
barrels? Go for it, if that's what you want.

You don't make money by whining. Some of us want money, some of us
want leisure time. Some of us want both, but that's usually harder.

If you love your work, just do it and be glad. Too many people in
this world struggle through life in jobs they hate, and they are
probably paid less than you are.

If you need more money, do something else. You might be surprised
to find that you just *might* have to work a little harder, but
maybe not. You *will* have to give up all that vacation and holiday

Just quit whining. Do what you need to do, or what you want to do.


Subject: Re: would you care to define
From: apl@world.std.com (Tony Lawrence)

Bill Pursell (pursell@math.montana.edu) wrote:
: [snipped whining about teacher's dissatisfaction]
: >Just quit whining. Do what you need to do, or what you want to do.

: Tony, you are quickly becoming the whiniest bastard
: I know. You really haven't got a clue about academics,
: teachers, education, or intelligence, do you?

More than a clue, Bill. One hell of a lot more than a clue.

: The most common complaint of educators that I am
: aware of is against the idea that they do not work.
: Many, many people claim that college professors
: don't work hard enough to justify the pay that they
: do get. It is that idea which educators fight
: against.

And where do you get this from my comments?


Subject: Re: would you care to define
From: lizard@cybernetics.net (Lizard)

Matthew H. Fields (fields@zip.eecs.umich.edu) wrote:
> Lizard <lizard@cybernetics.net> wrote:
> >I can't confirm or deny that. I never bothered showing up for any of my
> >classes. Isn't higher education in America great?

> I love this kind of reasoning: "Daddy sent me to a party school to
> get drunk and collect a diploma. Therefore that's all there is to
> higher education."

> Can you spot the falacy?

Sure. I don't drink, never did, and didn't go to a party school
(Manhattanville? A PARTY school? There's a joke.) I spent
all my time in the computer lab or the library. You don't really need
TEACHERS to learn, just access to accumulated knowledge and time. As I
said, I never went to class. You read the rest in yourself. As someone
else posted -- a bit of projection, perhaps?

Oh, yes -- for all intents and purposes, I don't have a daddy, either.
(Obviously, I have a *genetic* father, but I certainly didn't have
anything in the way of support, financial or otherwise, from him)

Well, I spotted two fallacies. How many did you spot?

Evolution doesn't take prisoners:Lizard
Usenet is a marketplace of ideas, but most of the vendors have
nothing to sell.
I'm learning tin. I'm learning vi. Apologies in advance for formatting


Subject: Re: would you care to define
From: ljduchez@en.com (Lou Duchez)

lizard@mercury.interpath.net (Lizard) wrote:
> > As for experimenting with liberals: at least they don't spew crap like:
> > "A bigot is a conservative who wins an argument with a liberal".
> Hey, I like that one. :)
> > Yeah,
> > real good, Rush. It's nice to know that bigotry does not exist and is
> > not something that should be opposed where it is found.
> Now, now -- you must admit that 'bigot', to a liberal, is a lot like
> 'communist' to a conservative or 'statist' to a libertarian:The working
> definition in all three cases is "Someone with whom I disagree".

No, I do not agree that this is at all the case. A bigot, to a liberal,
is one who attributes characteristics unfairly to a group of people.
For example, I think that's why I don't have a problem with the Jive
program (and the blacks I've shown it to don't either): it's a Jive
program, not a Black program. The program does not imply that all
blacks talk that way, and after using the program, this white guy has
learned to pepper his discourse with "cool" jive expressions so it's
not really a matter of race.

To a bigot, of course, the characteristics he attributes are not unfair,
but simply a consequence of belonging to whichever group. That's why we
call it bigotry. There seems to be a great tendency these days to
dismiss bigotry as liberal hand-wringing, when in fact bigotry and
racism are on the rise. But no one wants to call them what they are.
For example, when "The New Republic" devoted an issue to "The Bell Curve",
the editor said: "The notion that there might be resilient ethnic
differences in intelligence is not, we believe, an inherently racist
belief." Um, excuse me, but that's the very DEFINITION of racism. The
only difference is, "The Bell Curve" purports to have facts to back up
its claims. (Of course, 99% of the "facts" in "The Bell Curve" come from
the Pioneer Fund, an organization that supports eugenics, gave the
thumbs-up to Hitler's sterilization plan, praised South Africa's racial
policies, wanted to ship blacks back to Africa, and testified before
Congress that 83% of all Jews are innately feeble-minded.)

> > I'm a liberal myself, and I don't take offense at the program.
> Then you're not a REAL liberal. You haven't had your sense of humour
> surgically removed.

"You do not fit my preconceptions of what you say you are, therefore
you cannot be what you say you are." That's exactly the sort of mind-set
where bigotry thrives. (Though I don't think you are currently engaged
in bigotry -- I don't think political / social leanings apply as bigotable

"You know how dumb the average guy is? Well, half the people are
even dumber."

-- J. R. "Bob" Dobbs


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