The liberal/conservative media

By (Matthew Carey)
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 1995

The final truth which should end all discussion on whether the media "is"
conservative or liberal is this:

The media "is" nothing. The media ARE many things. The only real
connecting characteristic for the mainstream media is that they are all
Conspiracy controlled. The Conspiracy, as I'm sure you all know, is far
too complex to take the liberal or conservative side. 'Tis no monolith.

from all sides, offering all flavors. You take what you like and bite
down. Ouch!!! What was that?!?!?


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Subject: Re: The liberal/conservative media.
From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)

On Sat. May 6, 1995, told All:


cnc> Unless I'm rich or famous, I can't get a "radio show" or a "TV
> show", and unless I WORK FOR a newspaper as a columnist, I can't get
> anything printed. What other options for mass communication are
> there, other that the Internet (which gets your house bugged) and
> yelling on a street corner (which gets you arrested)? FREE SPEECH?

cnc> I watched the 48 Hours episode on Militant anti-bureaucracy
> radicals, and happened to totally agree with them. Scary, eh? Oops,
> gotta go, the Feds are knocking on my door...

It occurred to me today, as I saw a picture of the girl at Kent State
kneeling over her injured classmate, and another of her giving a speech
just two days ago, that there is nothing new under the sun. I saw an
interview with Bobby Seale from the Panthers in Newsweek, I saw all this
'hate radio' stuff and I didn't disagree, and I had a sense of deja vu.
I should have seen this before. I DID see this before. I saw the mental
state of 1995 US in the faces of my friends in the SDS back in 1972.

Ever since the "hippies cut their hair and got jobs", people have been
poking fun at them. As if they'd turned their backs on the movement they

Guess what? They've been hiding inside the system. And they're still
pissed. They might hold some different values now days, but the big one,
FUCK the gummint, is screaming to get loose.

Wanna check it? Turn on the TV news. Put on the Jefferson Airplane's
_Volunteers_ album. Listen and watch. Their mouths are moving in time to
the words.

Look what's happening out in the streets. Got a revolution, got a

And this time, they have the money and the power. And the weaponry. And
the balls to use it all.

The conswervatives think they got a good deal picking up on the rage going
around. They'll use it for their own ends. They'll stomp the liberats next
time around. But it'll be like that crazy neighbor that was never right
after Nam. The American anger will not be dampened, particularly when they
see the other side is going to give them just as raw a deal as they had
before. Or worse.

You know Clav, I don't think they saucers are going to make it in time.
I think I'm going to have ashes to dance in a lot sooner than I thought
would happen.

It's gonna be full tilt gonzo. Free meat for the eatin'. For a little
while at least.

The change had to come. We knew it all along. Heh. We won't get fooled


The hobbyist ranters and paradigmatic scoffers will have a free for all
with this for a while. But if they have any sense in their programming,
they'll be learning to field dress rats.

Tip for city dwellers: Everyone not on the ground is a potential sniper,
and there's lots of ground not on the ground where you're at.

* 2qwk! 1.26b3 * LBJ, LBJ, how many JOKES did you tell today?!

-- The Doctor is on.


From: (Matthew Carey)
Subject: Re: The liberal/conservative media.

In a previous article, (Joe Newman) says:

>In article <3od0rq$>, says...
>> I
>>met an airborne soldier at a memorial service for the guys that bought
>>in the Iranian hostage rescue attempt, who'd been at Grenada. He told me
>>they fired into the brush across the ditch beause they were told to.
>Which rescue attempt? The Iranian hostage "crisis" occurred before the
>Grenada invasion.

I wondered this too, but then figured Dynasoar must be talking about an
*annual* type memorial service several years after the fact.


>Not that I disagreed with anything you said about the media. The only
>ideological bias I've been able to detect in the media as a whole is
>one towards stupidity and gutlessness.

Right, and also very internally competetive and a few other things. All
of this contributes to their total dupability.

Let's put it this way, the "news media" (defined here as all of the parts
of the media set up to convey information about recent events, as a
product, to those who want it) are made up of fallible individuals. Each
TV station, newspaper, magazine etc is only united toward the goal of
making profit. The only concern they have over content is whether it
will sell or not.

With this in mind, consider that other organizations -- governments,
corporations, political interest groups -- have their own goals. The
conern that *these* organizations have over the content that the news
media carry is whether that content will further their goals.

The goal oriented content concerns of outside organizations have much
more influence over what information flows than do the profit concerns of
the news media. These outside organizations know how to produce
information that will both sell, thereby satisfying the news media, and
also further that outside organization's own goals.

Any good propagandist knows this. From this perspective, the press is
not free, but however it can be controlled and manipulated to your own
ends, resulting in a sort of pseudofreedom.


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