From: zedd@pentagon.io.com (Austin Loomis)
Date: 14 Apr 1995
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Damion Schubert <heretic@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu> wrote:
>What utter bullshit. What oft-repeated utter bullshit Why does it
>seem that some people have difficulty believing that political
>divisions can occur down lines other than conservative/liberal?
"Few things are more annoying than those people who stop a perfectly good
argument in its tracks by saying, `Let's define our terms here." -- Molly

The confusion between the right-left spectrum (which is actually a near-
perfect circle) and the alleged "conservative/liberal spectrum" is one of
the chief ideological wrongheadednesses of America today. There's a
conservative/progressive spectrum (the endpoints are "reactionary" and
"radical") and a liberal/authoritarian spectrum, but those are two separate
viewpoints. It is possible to have a liberal conservative, or a progressive
authoritarian. Admittedly, the latter isn't bloody _likely_, but...

I think "Bob" said it best:

"Any sensible SubGenius knows that `Republican' and `Democrat' are laughably
meaningless terms for identical pawns in a bigger Game, but what they didn't
suspect was just how little differences there are between ANY political
parties, ANYWHERE on the spectrum. Looking in perspective at the WHOLE
CONSPIRACY, from a vantage point several steps _back_ from the big circular
monster, they all begin to look the same.

"It's a BIG VISE with radical _and_ reactionary rioters forming the
bottom half and a fake Establishment as the top half, and the earth itself
is being squeezed in between, with both SubGeniuses and humans getting
smashed together. The _humans_ don't seem to _mind_...but what's BAD is
the nature of the THINGS that are _using the vise._"

This little nightmare brought to you by the Committee for the Reclamation of
Liberalism, a unit of the Church of Many Worlds, a recognized Discordian
Cabal and unofficial SubGenius Schism. In the name of Argent and Sable,
the Father and Mother of us all, and of their wacky kids Gules and
Purpure, bless us all, the long and the short and the tall, the mad and the
sad and the lonely, the ugly and the unsure and the completely invisible,
and bless the little Lamb Who made us into sheep. Amen.
Rev. Uncle Alf E. O'Mega | "Of course, Meister Grau _does_ serve a purpose,
High Horseman, Church / hard though that may be to believe. The Universe
of Many Worlds; KSC, / would be wall-to-wall STUFF without him."


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