...and Galaxina's X-Day photos are up

From: Modemac <modemac@modemac.com>
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Date: Mon, Jul 6, 2009 9:13 PM
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Galaxina was a lovely lady who *didn't* get naked.
The High Weirdness Project


Subject: Re: ...and Galaxina's X-Day photos are up
From: "Rev. Susie the Floozie" <revsusiethefloozie@gmail.com>

On Jul 7, 10:40 am, Pisces <KVanH...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jul 6, 10:49 pm, "Rev. Ivan Stang" <st...@subgenius.com> wrote:

> > Anybody who snail-mails me a disk, I will put them on
> > alt.binaries.slack and somewhat more carefully selected ones on
> > SubSITE. We are as vain as anybody and take care to use only the most
> > flattering or disgusting pictures.
> woot!
> Maybe someone can help Susie and I figure out what sexual acts we did
> to each other.

Yeah. On the ride home with Pisces, I was saying, "Yeah, I stayed
really busy, too--but I can barely recall gettin' lucky with one
person...now who the hell was that...?" And then the shocked dawning
on our faces as we looked at one another and those patchy glimmers of
realization kicked in...!

The thing is, I seem to remember it was in the Pavilion, during some
kind of hellish ritual...but I don't THINK we were a part of it--or
WERE we--????

Damn these religious retreats! Everything just gets all drippy and
runs together--and ooh, now I seem to remember a lot of THAT, too.

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