Re: one day since leaving brushwood

From: "Popess Pantiara Evokovitch, BAYBEE!" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Tue, Jul 7, 2009 6:23 PM

On Jul 7, 6:13 pm, "Rev. Susie the Floozie"
<> wrote:
> On Jul 7, 5:58 pm, Popess Pantiara Evokovitch <>
> wrote:
> > and I'm starting to mourn the lack of yeti contact already. Everything
> > already feels like it moves too slow, or is too boring, or that I'm
> > all alone in the fucking world.
> > Plus I'm pretty much broke now. I just might have enough to buy
> > groceries.
> Yeah, the godammned yearly postpartum depression of returning to life
> on PinkWorld... Damn but it's a hard, ugly world out there--one where
> you have to wear clothes, hide your pleasures, and concentrate most of
> your time on paying for food and shelter. Everyone you meet is a
> clueless idiot, and each soul-withering contact means another big
> pointy rock tied to a scratchy rope is thrown over your head.
> But it's the lingering, sweet memory we've seen of "Bob"'s X-Day
> promise, of the 72 Anti-Virgins, of the Endless Burning Bowl of 'Frop,
> of the Possibly Attainable Atomic Death of This Sorry Suck-Ass Planet
> and of Slack Everlasting--that is fuel enough to keep us going. EVEN
> IF IT IS A LIE. Because it's a lie we can use to fool ourselves even
> while we cheat the Conspiracy. For we must cling to the bliss we
> experienced firsthand out there at Brushwood, of our weirdly singular
> fellowship in the woods--that memory will, it MUST keep us alive for
> the oncoming year, no matter what the stinking motherfucking Con
> throws at us.
> Because it will throw shit at us, children, all Pink hell will rain.
> But we have been temporarily teflonned against the worst of it. We are
> so LUCKY it hurts.
> Thank you, "Bob".
> thank you, Stang.
> Thank you, Philo.
> Thank you, Wei.
> Thank all of you for the will to live.
> You and this faith you've created are truly all I have any more, the
> only reasons left to stick around--and I know I'm not alone.
> Bless you fuckers, PLUS.

Thank you Susie, for putting it all in perspective.

The glass is 1/16th full, not 15/16ths empty! Only 363 more days till
lucky X Day 13! And maybe it'll be a little sunnier. Maybe we'll
really get ruptured too! ha! Hahaha!

I'll be able to remember things a little better when people put more
pictures up. I only took about 10.

p.s. - on the way to chris lee's, i picked up Rev. Suds at his house,
and his two little girls were outside to wave goodbye. His oldest
(most likely to become a SubGenius someday) said, "Remember Daddy,
don't drink any Kool Aid!!"

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