Wisteria covers many hundreds of acres. This road is quite long, with campsite areas here and there along it. It leads to a "Fairy Shrine" waaay back in there, which I have never visited because it got too dark before we could reach it each time.

There are also nature trails good for hours of lone hiking. You can request a map of these trails, but without the map you might never know they are there. Much of Wisteria is a true nature preserve that is off limits to everyone but the shareholders and those who get permission. The hiking trails go through the parts that aren't "preserve" areas but are still in a very natural state.

Speaking of nature, in late May I only got two 'skeeter bites the whole time. Insects don't seem to be a big problem because there are plenty of birds, long-tongued SubGeniuses and bats to eat them. We would still recommend using some kind of bug repellent such as 'Frop.