This is part of the temporary camping area of Revs. Nigel and Joy DeVeeve, being used by the SubGenius Advance Exploratory Crew for purposes of Slack Abuse. Wisteria is very large and the camping areas are spacious. During the Final Weekend it may begin to fill up a bit more with people coming early for Starwood, the neopagan music festival that starts (they THINK) right after the world ends on July 5 at 7 a.m. X-Days at Brushwood always coincided with a small pagan drumming fest, and despite religious differences, many SubGenius/pagan matings resulted. Let me put it this way: I can vouchsafe that what prudish humans say about the breasts of witches is not true.

If the Xists arrive this year and The Rupture occurs, Starwood will take place on the Escape Planet of Princess Wei R. Doe and myself. We will preserve Wisteria as well as Brushwood, though we will probably leave many of the unsaved in the craters that remain. ((Note: I also have dibs on The Grand Canyon and The British Museum.))