4X-Day Sound Gear, Brushwood, CANDY

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgenius.com>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Sun, Jun 24, 2001 7:04 PM

I am getting all excited about the world ending again! And wouldn't you
know it, I just got cable modem service... hell, in a couple of weeks
I'll be on the MwOwmDEM! (I wonder what kind of "Firewire" I'll need
with THAT!?)

Just in case we're still "using" the Brushwood area after 7 am July 5,
we have arranged for a full compliment of band sound gear to be brought
in by our associates with A.C.E. -- on Thursday Night, July 5th!
Hopefully, the thus-far unSaved Chris and his pals will pull up in
their truck and find a HUGE CRATER where Brushwood has been carefully
lifted up into somebody's Escape Vessel.

But, IF we need it, from Thursday afternoon to Sunday we'll have a nice
mix board, speakers, amps, cables, mikes, stands, even a bunch of light
show stuff. All of this is coming from ACE and Chris Brooks. I won't
have to drive to Columbus at all, after all. Saint N is also bringing
some stage monitor stuff.

BUT, I don't know what, if anything, we'll have on Wednesday night. Who
will actually BE there by Wednesday night is anybody's guess. Dr.
Drummond, Princess Wei and I are planning to be there by Tuesday night,
carrying things like the Ed Strange Pulpit and the Jesus Giant
Dobbshead, the Legume 3D Drunk Dwarf "Bob", and all the SubG CDs and
videos I can make by then.

I believe that Dr. G Gordon Gordon and Col. Drummond will likewise be
in the area Tuesday night. I know that Jesus and Magdalen, and Nickie
Deathchick, are coming, but not sure when. IrRev. Friday Jones will be
there. Legume is coming STAG. Dances with Rockets is ALREADY there
half the time. I believe that Mojo, St. Byron Werner and Champion Jack
Codini are arriving early. Lil is arriving early I think. There will no
doubt be a few scary, creepy unknown characters who have already been
lurking there weeks in advance. (Luckily all these Living Dead ever do
is stand in the background, STARING at the rest of us while we have
fun.) I know that the Pittsburgh area united clenches will be out in

If on Wednesday night we have nothing but a Dobbshead, a pulpit, three
battery powered little synthesizers, two guitars with dinky little
amps, and a bullhorn, well HELL, that's WAY more than any self
respecting Wotan band NEEDS!! All you really HAVE to have are the damn
DOBBSHEADS! Rock and stick are enough instrumntation and surgical
toolage for REAL doktors.

Chas Smith and Mojo have already made extensive preliminary Test
Launches at Brushwood last weekend. Pater Nostril posted some pics of
same on a.b.s. The Rocket Launching ceremonies will be held in the
special "back 40," away from the timid, non fireproof pagans.

Ironically, pagans themselves seeing Brushwood for the first time this
year will be horrified that their Sacred Ritual Area there has been
turned into a HUGE SMOKING CRATER. Well actually the crater is filling
with water. But yes, after Chas, Mojo and an unexpected GIANT FLAMING
METEOR from SPACE were finished testing explosives on the area, it
became a second Pond of Testing. I guess the Maypole was blown to
pieces, maybe even atomized by the meteor's impact.

Dr. Gorgonzola and Rev. Spyder will be providing video and 16mm film
projections. There may also be other special video shows in the newly
remodeled indoors "studio" near the showers at Brushwood. I will
probably bring some oddball crap from my crumbling 16mm projections
plus what few videos I might have that haven't already been seen by
badfilm and cultfilm enthusiasts a hundred times.

Speaking of which, we just watched CANDY for the first time. The
late-60s soft core porn comedy with Marlon Brando as a guru, written by
Buck Henry from a Terry Southern book. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT
FILM?? It has some of the most truly brain-damaged moments I have ever
seen. The director must have been taking too much LSD. It has all the
earmarks, especially cool looking sets that make no sense whatsoever in
the context of the story. The ending, a rip off of 8 1/2, had my jaw on
the floor, so agape was I with astonishment that somebody had funded
the FINISHING of this insane project. So many of the actors in this
film were known pot smokers at the time, that I wonder if maybe
psychedelic drug experimentation was THE common denominator on this
movie's crew and cast. There are some HILARIOUS moments in it, both
advertent and inadvertent, though mostly the latter. John Astin,
playing both Candy's uptight dad and her lecherous uncle, is the best
thing in it, although Brando and Walter Matthau are also pretty over
the top.

The way some of the scenes are structured, shot, and edited looks...
uh... pretty improvisational to me. I don't know any juicy tidbits
about the making of this film.

It may be that Terry Southern's great satire, "Blue Movie," is based on
his experiences with this movie (and with "Dr. Strangelove">.


I am gonna try to update SubSITE with all the most recent 4XD hints
etc.. I did add a bunch of pertinent stuff last week, like Saint N's
aerial photographs of UFOs over Brushwood.

God damn PROOF right there on the Internet! But has the Con noticed?

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