Connie-ite Calendar!

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Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 03:47:42 -0000
Subject: Connie-ite Calendar 2001-2002

Okay, kids, I finally got a look at what they're going to be like once
printed and I must say they are GORGEOUS!! The color is RIGHT this
time, thanks to Dr. Tilles and the Amazing Mac Machine. (No Pink
Kinko's employees have touched this one!) Granted, we got a huge
discount last year so we were able to print 150 of them. THIS year,
it's costing more to print up only 100. Those of you who contributed
will, of course, get one free. For everyone else, they will be $15
this year, so SAVE UP if you have to! After X-Day, they go up to $20
so get IN on it! Legume and Dr. Tilles both did lovely artwork on
every single one, there are two pics of most of the girls (except
certain art pieces that worked well with only one) plus the infamous
collage which this time includes gals who didn't even get their own
month! The color is exact and beautiful and the Connie-ites have never
looked lovelier or sexier. List of gals include:

Cover Girl: Vagina Jones
1st July: Princess Wei R. Do
August: Evangela
September: Astro Babe (!)
October: Nickie Deathchick
November: Me
December: Susi Legume
January: Rabbi Jacklyn Hyde
February: Mary Magdalen
March: Barbie Geddyn (Manoman it's a delicious one!)
April: Joy D'Veeve
May: Sikki
June: Red Kat (Dr. Tilles' wife)
2nd July: Babushka (This one is hilarious!)
Back art: Collage, with the above mentioned ladies plus:
Hellena Handbasket
Jewyl B. Sari
Betsy F. Ross

Get 'em while they're hot if you're not attending X-Day. Okay, well,
they aren't hot, they're not printed yet. We're in production as I
type! But you have to e-mail me to "reserve" one if you want it.

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