It occurs to me that getting off aint the problem. It's staying off that where we fail in keeping the jack boot of oppression off our throats and out of our asses. So intoxicated by the absolute pleasure of getting off, we forget to stay off and climb back on the conveyor belt of meat just so we can do it again.
Any decemt addict or winehead can tell you that you don't have to worry about falling off the wagon if you don't climb onto the dammed thing in the first place. So you cann take your wagon train west, I'll walk straight to HELL. Thank you very much.
And if there is a $90 dollar check with my name on it waiting for me at the gates I'm gonna cash it in at the nearest bank and spend it on extremely dangerous drugs, cheap wine and even cheaper women.
This is after all, HELL. So don't just GET OFF, STAY OFF.

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