Subject: Re: Dear SubG Sensei - My XXXX Day Report!

From: iDRMRSR <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2001 8:54 PM
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>>How about an after the fact Bobbie Award for Best Dad. I think we
have a ribbon around with "I'm Special" or "I Like Myself" on it...

Ye-Dobbs, I'll take it. The CotSG has been about the only source of
Slack since the luck plane dipped shitward for me many years ago.
Anything positive is welcome!

Saturday, I took my little Slugger on a nice drive through Chatauqua
(ran into a buncha Wasp pricks that wouldn't even let me on the
Institution grounds) and Jamestown and down to the Kinzua Dam. The
hilite of that day was having a couple of genuine Pennsylvania Hot Dogs
at some shithole stand in Warren, PA. Now there's SLACK on a bun. With
melted cheese and Salsa. I've had some orgasms that didn't match up
with those doggies. And I don't mean just eating them...HAVING them
better describes the act.

Sorry I missed you, too. You looked like you were really bizzy
disorganizing things on the stage and I thought Little Sister might have
been a little more amenable to the festivities so I could mill the crowd
a little more later. I retired to my elegant van to see if I could
convince him to sleep, but, no. So I watched things kind of like
Drive-In style.

Ah well, I've always enjoyed being simply a Lurker at the Threshhold.
Next year, now that I know the lay of the land at Brushwood (pun
intended), I plan to do a lot better. Besides, I have half my soul I
have to go back to Sherman and retrieve out of the time rift. They'd a
took the whole thing if I ordered a LARGE pizza. First restaurant I was
ever in that had a price list denominated in Soul Quarters. Even though
I got out, my Adam's apple is starting to grow and bob as I speak, and I
have a sudden craving for a John Deere lawnmower.

One thing, overall, the boy and I have had quite a thrill ride on this
strange ball. Personally, I would rather that the peaks and valleys
levelled out a bit more. But then again I would have missed all


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