Subject: lyrics, by request

From: (Phloighd)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Tue, Jul 10, 2001 11:45 PM
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Many many thanks to Saint N, who is too awesome than these electronic
squggles could possibly convey.

Comin' straight at your face with the bombast sound
Just look around, it ain't ounces ain't grams it's pounds
You can brag all you want about a techno beat
Meet and greet, tap your feet, hang elite, huff DEET
But when you want a goddess with some glowing red eyes
Just imagining the feel of stubble on her thighs
You get a rise about the size of a solar eclipse
Moanin' soft, jerkin' off, and pinchin' your nips
Take some tips. It's time for you to understand
That I'm the man and I can but I won't hold your hand
Make a plan you're a fan of this noise that I'm making
Taking you faking you ain't no mistaking
What time it is -- The end of the world
Grab your boy or your girl and give 'em a twirl
And say thanks, "Bob", it's all thanks to you
Now we're through, motherfucker, 'cause payment is due
It's your sorry ass for fuckin' up the deal
With whoever the fuck is supposed to know the real
Now bend over and squeal like the clip art you are
Gonna do you like the prom date in the back of my car
Beg for it, "Bob", beg for more of my skeezin'
My hot yeti love got you coughin' and wheezin'
Finger biting knuckle grinding pitifully pathetic
My dick is not a needle and you ain't a diabetic
Memetic apathetic copacetic it don't ever stop
Drop the cop shop the frop to your pop hip hop
Drop drip drop, is my tongue too loose?
Run for your lives! Fuck, there ain't no use
No excuse for the lies about watching skies
No surprise, but man wouldn't it be nice
To go into space get out of this place
The disgrace of human race on my case in my face
Let's replace all this bullshit with somethin' worth fucking up
Chop off a chicken's head, it'll stop clucking
Uptown downtown east side suburbs
Ain't you heard get out the word and call all the nerds
And their weirdo friends who have given up hope
Smoking dope, cannot cope, and choosing a rope
Over all the glorious things this world has to offer
My gramma told me that, it made me wanna off her
The real question is, is our world too messed up
Too late to find out who did it, make 'em fess up
With stress up it's only a matter of time
Before some new way of thinking comes down the line
And I don't know about you but I think
If their money's green who cares if they're pink
So they stink, so what so do you, take a whiff
That smell that you sniff ain't the stench of a spliff
It's the fully natural odor of an adult human being
You say that you're a yeti and I tell you you'll be seeing
Peeing loch ness monsters and blue Kentucky goblins next
Pick up some Carl Sagan, put down that bobbie text
Perplexing to see so many trying to be
What they thought somebody preached would bring tranquility
Don't you see? When they could have known "Bob"
It's a blob of observational slobber
Lob a wooden nickle into useless lame placebos
Give'em no respect just like you would a feeb ho
Read a book and take a look but don't look for an answer
Get as much enlightenment from Harlequin Romance
Er, um, uh, what do I say now
I don't know the way I can't show you how
It's not my job, I'm just a pimp for "Bob"
And I'll glob any slob that points out any
Obvious flaws in my immature reasoning
Should've called Subgenius Spice if they wanted any seasoning
These fleas on imagination that I'm spewing
Are gluing together what all are eschewing
Just oohing and ahhing at all of the good stuff
Put that in your pipe and take a big puff
Like it rough in the buff had enough aren't you tough
Now you're gruff wanting my stuff in your muff
Snuffleupagus rhymes keeping time in your mind
Leaving kind of a bit of disease in your hindbrain
That says over and over think for your self for better mental health
But be careful, use stealth
Hold on tightly, don't flame out too brightly
Kick crack and smack and all that's whack and smoke frop nightly
Think you can handle that, don't give me a line
We don't care what you say just give us more rhyme
Well fine, you can have as much as you want
What I say won't go away it'll just keep on haunting you
Taunting you flaunting you, can't escape can you
Try to get away, pretty soon even Pikachu
Will say my rhymes, goin' off in your mind
Sayin' send your thirty dollars or we'll leave you behind
Better hope you recorded this so you can find
Whether I made any sense just hit rewind
You'll wanna know how'd that go man that boy sure could flow
But all y'all know it's spelled p-h-l-o-
i-g-h-d no use copying me 'cause I gotta be free
And the time has come for me to stop.

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