Subject: X^4-Day, Slack, and a well-filled soul

From: (Rev. Dr. Jack)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
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Date: Wed, Jul 11, 2001 12:15 AM
Message-ID: <>

First of all, let me say this was the most slackful X-Day I've experienced,
ever. Sure, the X-ists were MIA yet again, and we have to spend one more
year on this "Bob"-forsaken 'berg, but spending it with the likes of the
folks I met last week, and the folks who didn't make it, turns this from
punishment to more of a parole. Kudos to all you Yeti, met and unmet, who
have made my time in Hell on Earth more tolerable than not.

Anyhoo, I have some thanks to offer, and they go to:

- Pope Phred, Rev. Sexmortus, Jesus, Mary, Rev. 808, Pisces, Absent, Shep,
Frank and the rest of alt.slack woods, for consumption of
culinary/libational excess and a buttload of Slack transference

- Modemac, for making damned sure we didn't miss anything cool, unless we
absolutley had to

- Jesus and Mary, for gracing the woods during my time behind the stove

- Jesus, for having mercy on a peon like me and pulling his divine punches
on the pool table

- Phloighd, who wins the most Slackful use of a truckbed award - 2001 for
said pool table

- Leeburls, who wins the most Slackful use of a Leeburls award - 2001 for
said Leeburls

- Shep, for reminding me the importance of the phrase, "Give up and Get

- Two Beans, for hooking me up with the most Sacred of SubG product,
straight from his own Third Nostril

- Sister Decadence, Susie the Floozy, Pisces, Leeburls, Joy, Mary, and many
others whose names escape me right now, for being the kickass Connieites
they most certainly are

- Prostata and Joy for giving me spontaneous Slack, right in the middle of
an inexplicable attack of stress

- Rev. Ivan Stang, for his continued voluntary effort to reaffirm that not
all good deeds carry a price

- Dr. Dark and crew, for providing a divine moment of Tube Bar Slack

- Dr. Pissoff, for extending the geographic borders on my behalf

- The other members of the Taphouse Cabal, for being the Stark Fist of
Removal in my times of need on this rock

- Legume and the rest of Tranquility Base, for transmitting so much vibe
that, even hundreds of yards away, they flooded Slack 'till it dripped
from the very clouds

- Ed Strange, St. N & Helena, ESO, Philo, and others for providing the
beat and/or the space to fill my ears with happy noise

and...anyone else I've neglected to single out for my meager praise. Whoever
you are, you are not forgotten, at least as long as the videotapes last. On
behalf of the Taphouse Cabal, and the First Church of Total Relaxology, you
all are the Yeti I want to spend the rest of the End Times with, no matter how
long "Bob" deems it necessary to stretch this whole thing out.

BTW, is it possible we could look into the Pre-Scriptures again? I'm almost
sure that time was meant to be 11:00am. Just a suggestion.
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