4X-Day 2001 VIDEO LOG (StangCam High-8) (6 2-hour reels)

Reel 1

0 End of StangDoe wedding reception
10 Philo in Cleveland -- Garfield Memorial
20 Natural History Museum - yeti exhibits etc.

25 WEDNESDAY NIGHT - Inside Brushwood trailer -- pennies on "Bob's" eyes
26 Tranquility Bass party -- sound only

30 THURSDAY JULY 5, 6:50 to 7:20 AM -- Brushwood Pavillion -- cast of dozens

1:03 Thursday, 11 AM -- JESUS with MEGAPHONE leads walk through Brushwood, proclaiming the Word to all the camps.
1:10 Jesus encounters child with lemonade stand, "leans" on kid Mafia style for protection money.
1:20 Jesus enters alt.slack.village. Gorgonzola tries to sell Him on "Holy Shit" idea using composting toilet.
1:25 While walking, Jesus tells story of the stranded hitchiker near Sherman who was lent a shirt by a biker -- a "Bob" shirt. The state troopers picked him up on the highway and, seeing the shirt and assuming he was a SubGenius, took him to Brushwood, where it was found that he had no idea who any of these people were. (The biker WAS a 4XD attendee.)

1:30 Jesus visits WBOB radio station-wagon, Yukon Jack, Eris and Rev. DJ, does announcing.

1:33 At Tranquility Bass, Dances With Rockets shows StangCam a beta demo of the top secret MOJOWRLD program, flies over a couple of planets.

Brief moments with Shinx Drummond, Quijibo dojo, misc. camps.

1:42 Tranquility Bass

1:45 Ed Strange's disco dome parachute tent party -- fireworks in distance --DJ Jesus mixing dance tunes with Jello Biafra rants.

LATE night on camp road -- Hendrix "Star Spangled Banner" from Woodstock being played from two different locations on huge speakers (Tranq. Bass and the stage, competing to see who's loudest), About 30 seconds out of sync -- VERY weird aural effect while approaching from a distance.

1:51 FRIDAY July 6
SALES SHACK morning footage w/ Jesus. Pater Nostril displays Dobbshead Beer.
Stang does "I'm a frogwatcher" routine while videotaping preparations for BAPTISM.

1:55 Jesus and Ed Strange begin the Baptism in the pool.
Close-ups of the SubGenius Ikon stenciled permanently onto Brushwood poolside by Pater Nostril and Brushwood owner Frank Barney.



BAPTISM (mostly shot by Wei after Stang enters pool)
10: Circle of Slack whirlpool
Hot tub -- sales shack

15 Dok Frop's and Sister Decadence's camp

20: stage: Jesus and Stang: Defiling of the Sacred Ground opening ceremony
Jesus explains the bachelor party for Stang -- passes out free cigars -- Stang and Jesus examine wedding gifts (birth control pills, pornography, etc.).

30 Bachelor Party "stripping" and dancing -- Stang tries to act bored. (ALL TRIPOD unmanned wide shot)

45 Stang performs Short Duration Marriage Ceremony

52 Lil rants re: Bribery

58: Rev. "Moe" Lester, short rant on Job Hate

1:00 BULLDADA AUCTION intro by Modemac, Lil
Bad pic, dull or unusable, good sound
1:30 Phloighd explains the auctioning of his HAIR (years' worth)
1:40 Friday auctions stuff
End of Reel: Lil ends Auction starts to rant...



Friday afternoon con't. --

LIL'S SUICIDE RANT (1st part cut off at reel change)

5 ANDREW THE IMPALED intro, set-up
12 Screwdriver-in-nose
15 Fire Juggling
27 "You're the kind of fucked up people that like this stuff." -- FIRE ORGAN

Graveyard Shift
Urasia Blue
Jaguar Nights
Strange Cleveland instrumental (Wei sings)
Iodine 131
Midnight (shot handheld -- GOOD) , great Dave patter
Monkey Bunny
Faith Healer, seeking date for Dave
Big Sky/ Living in Arizona (GOOD!)
Baby's On Fire / Heroin / The End




Sympathy for the Devil
SubGenius Anthem
Bang a Gong

22: Dave makes weird noises, Chas credits drunk soundmen

25 STANG RANT w/ ESO, "Throwing Away My Comics"
35 Taking Self Seriously
40 "Us and All Our Friends Are So Fucked Up" (bad spound on tape)
"SubGenius Lullable" -- OK Sound
Stang End.

45 ESO jam -- "Shimmy Shimmy CocoPuff" or whatever he's saying

SATURDAY July 7 morning

1:00 Jesus and Rocknar in trailer; D-FW clench yakking; PIPE Tattoo on Vagina Jones' back

1:05 CONNIETITE CALENDAR SIGNING (includes bad footage where I got pause and record mixed up)

1:10 -- HELLPOPE HUEY concert -- crowd shots -- Rev. Thea & son -- Toth Wilder

1:18 HUEY continued

Shots of AntiBob pagan camp sign, toy Amish Man puppet; Wei shows off; Dok Frop licks Vagina Jones' armpit hair

1:20 Jesus tells Parables on stage


End of reel: Lil intros Bliss America



BLISS AMERICA to 40 min. (Incomplete -- missing last song "One More Cup of Coffee" and some noodling at beginning.)

42: St. BYRON WERNER -- anti-sex rant!

50 REV ALEX rants (the 14 year old SubGenius)

1:00 TROUTWAXER rant with Number 6 back-up (incomplete -- last 2 or 3 minutes missing)

1:06 MOJO rants -- Think Pink

1:22 Beer Giveaway (MC Lil)

1:27 REV. BUNNY preaches re: pissed off chickens!

1:30 to end: WOTAN MUSIC
Philo leads Part One (handheld shooting)



Saturday night WOTAN continued:

Illuminatrix joins Wotanners.
09: tune breaks
12 Philo takes requests
15 new "tune"
17:30 Speedy Last Tune

22 set-up Saint N


(I lost battery power for beginning -- my copy starts in middle of
26 Ultimate Bobbie

29 PHLOIGH appears shown, does incredible rap

37 Arman Geddyn rants over St. N music
40 GREAT moment when crowd sings "Bob" chants w/ St. N tekno music

46 SOUND GOES OUT -- mixboard dies

47:30 "It's the End of the World" -- when mic dies in middle of song, the crowd fills in the chorus until sound is restored!) (sounds okay after :45

53 Sinphaltimus Exmortus dances, with Barbie and Evangela

59 new tune "Welcome to Helle/ St.N's Disco" -- great end

1:05 Auctioning SISTER DECADENCE w/ Lil

1:10 Auctioning Joy's panties


1:29 Rev. Two Beans rants, burns Membership Card 'cause he now enjoys Earth so much he doesn't want to leave.

1:35 Pastor Pressure berates crowd for listening to him instead of having sex of some kind

1:37 Rev. Exmortis reads his somber rant.

1:44 Rev. "Moe" Lester quick rant

1:47 Lil intros GWAR stuf that'll be played on the radio/stage

1:51 "Bob" dummy in the trailer, surrounded by beer bottles and porn... VERY seedy

SUNDAY MORNING -- fixing to leave, posing for pics at trailer



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