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From: Sister Decadence <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Wed, Jul 11, 2001 2:59 PM
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Doc Frop and I got home last night and already I notice on Subsite
and here pictures and writings galore! (Didn't see Sexmortus'
pics...did my server miss them?) When I've gone through our stuff,
there will be a few pics posted to a.b.s. and video to those promised.



Agent Lloyd Dista - for always being around and being beautiful.
Such handsome, humorous company is rare and always appreciated!

Andreux & Sikki - for campfire Slack, the sushi idea, rubbing my
faux fur & for just being good friends. Welcome to Cowtown Hell.

The Volkerdings - for 'frop offerings & neighbor Slack. Very nice
getting to know you better.

Dr. Pissoff & BarberAlien - for plums, parties & photography! Zing
sucks, find another.

Col. Sphinx Drummond - for being our camp mate, trumpet Slack,
building campfires & for understanding the "sweetness & light"

Dr. Philo Drummond - for absolute hilarity, saxophone Slack,
building campfires & that sexy white coat!

Ed Strange - for the Parachute Dome of Musical Delight!

Prostata Cantata - for telling me about the origins of your name!!

Everyone who gave me Pop-Tart Slack!

Rev. Phloighd - for actually going through with it. Woah.

Modemac - for ever & always being helpful, sweet & generous. X-Day
could NEVER happen without you!

Dr. K'taden Legume - for the rubber Catwoman mask, (!) Wonder Woman
Slack & for being the best damned bartender around!

Bliss America - for surely awesome tunes that I fucking MISSED &
for Gravity Hill. You were our SHURDURPERSAVS.

Schabe - for being my webmaster fer nuthin', more conversation &
for soy sauce placement! I like you, I really like you!

All the new gals for the next calendar - thank you all for pledging're all beautiful!

Chas Smith - for the Tiki Lounge, kickass tunes and, as always,
rocket butt!

Bob of ESO - for always contributing to the delinquency of us naked

ESO - for being every year more astounding than the last.

Philo, Huey, Cletus, Mykal, St. Al & the rest - for makeshift music
worthy of Wotan. Who WAS that excellent guitarist?

Hellpope Huey - for lasting friendship no matter the written word.
Oh, and the stuff...especially the sexy, Coop devil-girls!

Doc Mojo - for launch Slack (where was the Cremora?!), the ever
awesome Suit of Many Lights & for thinking Pink. Mooooooooo.

Popess Lilith - for once again managing all that stage crap & for
winning my auction! Damn, a hundred bucks!

Irritating Acid Music Guy - for giving us ALL someone to HATE!

Ian Mitchell - for doing too much instead of not enough & for
helping us clean out site via Balloon Sadism.

Pater Nostril - for cool art, great food, rich brown eyes, always
hugging me, working your ass off & STILL having time to party!

Devolver - for being the Devil-Man!

Frank Barney & the Brushwood Staff - for hosting us every year &
for being so much cooler than the pagans!

Someone, I don't remember who - for handing me a box of Nerds candy
and saying, "It wouldn't be an X-Day without nerds."

Zosodada - for black tar Slack!

Pope Phred - for turning out to be one heckuva nice guy...even if
you ARE a killer!

Rev. Alex Thompson - for Teens For "Bob" & your awesome rant! You
are dead right about Connie.

Susie the Floozie - for lasting sweetness, love & great friendship
transcending all things.

All Calendar Ladies - for sharing your time, energy & loveliness
with all of us.

Dr. Tilles - for your many, MANY hours of calendar work. You were

Bobcore - for trombone hilarity Slack in the wee hours of the
morning and fucking great clothes!

El Diablo - for the Mushroom Gods & for making it up there when we
thought you couldn't!

Vagina Jones - for letting me become you, if only for a little
while. You ROCK, sister!

Vito Codini - for STILL being one big, sexy muthafuckah...and for
not slaughtering any Bobbies this year.

Rev. Nickie Deathchick - for having strength, beauty & for just
being there. I have missed you so much, and by the gods, you damn well
ARE the type!

Rev. Stang & Princess Wei - for being the two most beautiful,
blissful, beatific newlyweds I have ever seen! I love you both so

Jesus Christ - for being able to have more Slack than EVER!

Mary Magdalen - for rocking too much for just one hand!

Auntie Christian - for chicken Slack, actually coming to Brushwood
& for bringing her bountiful bosom with her!

Beledi-Ma - for the belly dancing lesson and encouragement. How was

Troutwaxer - for pizza Slack & blow-up furniture. Loved the
punished non-Barbies!

St. Byron Werner - for being happy, exhausted (!) and almost
non-existent. I KNOW you got the most Slack. *wink*

Everyone who sat in our site - i.e., Uniblab, 808, 2Beans, Stick,
Devolver, Zosodada, etc. If I haven't mentioned you already, thanks
for being there, hanging out & making our little camp that much

Space Hero Slippy - for dangerous alcoholic beverages & sitting in
my lap...oooooh, ever so tempting!

Astro-Babe - for your radiantly beautiful face, creamy lusciousness
& a real, honest-to-Connie Space Dress!

Lust in Space - for shiny Slack!

Saint 'N & Hellena Handbasket - for housing us, shopping, goth
clubs, her beauty & style, his taking the other half & absolutely

Armand Geddyn - for vinyl pants, (yum!) the Caravan O' Slack, the 2
million Subgenii rant & encouraging me to dance with your wife!

Malibu Barbie Geddyn - for the lace dress, (!) your stunning legs,
charming, sweet nature & true loveliness. You are the Queen. *smooch*

Rev. Chris Li - for Quijibo-a-Dojo, stylin' Oriental fashion sense
& for letting certain lovelies eat sushi off my naked body! Fantasy
fulfillment supreme! If only ALL of you boys had been there....

St. Mykal d'Archangel - for Quijibo-a-Dojo, being sweet, gorgeous &
completely charming! I love you with all of my demented little heart!
Oh yeah, and the sushi thing too...yum! I want pics!

Rev. Cletus Interruptus - for intriguing conversation, amazing,
all-encompassing hugs, incredible blue eyes & for being a willing
gift. "You put the master in masturbation." Oooh, baby!!!

Doc Frop - for taking a turn at being Doc Shroom & loving me enough
to encourage my lunatic, Yeti, sex-fiend behavior! I love you, baby!

I hope I got everyone...I'm in such a huge, orgasmic, delirious
blur that I'm not sure of anything at this point. As always, I love
you all more with every year. You rock my world.

Love and lust,
Sister Decadence


"Moses parted the Red Sea, Oppenheimer split the atom
and "Bob" Dobbs cut the crap!"
-Ivan Stang

Sister Decadence
^^^^Insert shameless self-promotion here ^^^^

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