Subject: Re: 4XD Preliminary Report

From: Christopher Lee <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Wed, Jul 11, 2001 12:59 AM
Message-ID: <>

"Rev. Ivan Stang" wrote:

> Fruit Juice my ass. I saw where your eyes were wandering during that
> ShorDurMarriage I performed. I saw which Space Princess you were trying
> to bird dog. I SEEN you. More than that, I WHIFFREAD your evil evil
> thoughts.

Oh- ! *That*! Well, I can explain that, yesiree, I can. As you yourself have
stated, it's as though you and Wei's relationship has been directed by Time
Control. You've lived together for a time, then you went on your honeymoon to
Amsterdam, then you got married, and after that, you had your bachelor party.
Well, who's to say that Wei and I won't have been married and divorced several
times before you even MEET her! Now that you've got to begin courting her, you
might just have to deal with someone like me, a challenger for her affections.
You're just her "rebound", buddy.

> It's true, I have no clue to your location, but I will find it, you
> will see, my man. Soon you will see.

Buh. You ain't even gonna get close. You'd have to throw another Cleveland
devival to even get within a state of me.


Rev. Christopher Lee, Clan Quijibo
Church of Homer Simpson, Boddhisattva

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