Subject: Re: Thanks for the great time - XXXX Day

From: (Lupus Yonderboy)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Jul 12, 2001 11:50 AM
Message-ID: <> (Rev Sun Nguyen) wrote in message news:<>...

> 1. Rev Blank setting off a line of 1000 firecrakers.
That mofo was begging to get himself in trouble, but never was!
And he had the most satanically evil laugh.

> 3. Rev Yonderboy sleeping in his flooded tent.
That was a night of mysery. I was the most rancid of all at the
My hate alone should have been a beacon for the xists.

> 8. Rev Yonderboy 'borrowing" wood from the pagans on the freezing night
As I ran with it cradeled to my chest, I felt like a hobo booking away
with a stolen pig.

> 10. Sexmordis for being so damn cool
He was damn cool. I wasn't surprised to find not a single wrinkle on
his forhead.

> 11. Stang for taking some time to talk with us and giving a great rant
Stang was also very cool. He posed for a great picture.

> 13. Those pagans that learned the hard way that it takes more than a belief in
> wood faries to build dome. I hope that thing stays up forever as a monument
> to stupidity.
It was still there when I left.

> 15. St Mark for turning those Canadians on to handcuffs
I'll bet she turnes to a bondage queen. She was wearing them for
days. And you forgot the story about "cracklins." St. Marc was a
fucking psycho. In a good way.

> 18. the frop axe and the generosity of the owner
I still can't believe I smoked out of an axe.

> 19. And lastly, the incredible sex-fest I had when I got about
> building your own ship, I even have a private sex-goddess.
My back was so bad when I got home that we had to discover new

> I had a great time. Thanks everyone and I'll see you next year.
> Praise Bob
> Rev Sun Nguyen (soon nwin)
> Church of the Immaculate Hymen Resistance

If you decide not to come I'll have to drag you by the nose hairs.
Glad I was a source of slack. Thanx.


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