Subject: Gir, I'll be in my lab, bathing in paste!!

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Date: Sat, Jul 14, 2001 1:53 AM
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Invader Zim totally ROCKS on Nickelodeon Fridays at 9:00 Pacific time.

Its as good as Ren and Stimpy and maybe BETTER!!!

The main character is a short alien sent to Earth to scout us out for
the alien invasion that will never come.

In the latest episode, the one little (pink) boy, Dib, who knows Zim is
an alien (Zim has infiltrated an Earth school) realizes that water hurts
the invader. So Dib throws a water balloon at him. "We'll settle this on
Monday, like children!!" Zim screams, after his skin has stopped

Dib goes home and creates a water balloon throwing machine. He shows up
after school and aims his device at a cringing Zim, who turns out to be
a hologram.

Meanwhile, Zim is in orbit, watching the scene below from the bridge of
his giant vengeance machine. Once his hologram is attacked, he sucks up
all the water in the city, and forces it into a giant, grinning, black
and red water balloon ten thousand feet high. We watch as he targets the
other boy from orbit...

The other boy looks up as the giant water balloon is released,
destroying satellites and airplanes as it falls.

The other children scatter as the pink boy gets it!! The tidal wave from
the giant water balloon destroys the city.

Zim goes back to the ruins of his house and flushes himself down the
toilet, "Gir, I'll be in my lab bathing in paste." he tells his robot.

Kewl stuff.

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