13Little Known Facts about Brushwood area -- from iDRMRDR

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Date: Wed, Jul 10, 2002 11:06 PM

1. The cheapest gas can be purchased about 50 miles away in the Seneca
Nation near the town of Salamanca, east of Jamestown. No tax on
ciggies, either.
2. Bailey Hill road goes west bound into Findley Lake and except for a
mile of gravel road, is the fastest way to I-86 westbound.
3. After the Rupsture, I claim the Holiday Inn Express on I-86 as my
own personal play thing. A nice place and ten minutes flat from
4. The closest WalMart is in Celeron, NY. Take 394 east off I-86 where
it crosses Lake Chautauqua and drive towardst Jamestown.
5. Lucille Ball's DNA can be traced to Jamestown, NY. Clone her if you
6. Cheapest gas in Erie...Marathon on Alt PA 5 1/2 mile east of 832
(entrance to Presque Isle Park). $1.25 when it was $1.49 in NY (or
7. BBQ chicken, ribs, pizza, subs, meatball sandwiches available in the
I-86 Express restaurant in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn mentioned
above. But that's the whole menu. No damn breakfast, they open at 11
AM. Does not serve bacon. Will probably, therefore, be differently
owned by next year.
8. There is no finer sloppy joe served anywhere around there than at
9. Chautauqua is a word with three U's. Can you think of any others?
There are a few, but certainly such words are not ubiquitous. And I
mean that unambiguously.
10.Cows can be seen getting fucked less than 500 yards west of
11.Amish girls leave their bonnets on while giving head.
12.The FM transmitter from the drive-in movies beams a strong signal as
far as Findley Lake, about 6 miles.
13.The night front desk lady at the Holiday Inn is named CONNIE.



From: Christopher Lee <clbundy@indy.net>

I agree with this post.

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