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From: "Aaronius" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 8, 2002 11:24 AM

Two Hours into Dr. Dark's Bulldada Drive-In Theater, the screen flickered,
all was black, and then rolled what I have come to call: The greatest porn
film of all time...and this is its story:

As the scene opens we find our Antagonist Buddy reading a freash copy of
SCREW magazine. Buddy tells his wife...who is never named in the
picture..that he wants to try out some of these "goddamn" pictures in bed.
His wife begs him to get in bed, however, and finally he does, but never
really "rises to the occasion"

In a more modern world, the lack of an erection would spell doom for an
aspiring porno star but NAY NAY!!!!!! The times inbetween money shots (if
there were any to speak of) we filled with the very well written lines from
both stars: "You don't know how to fuck!!" " I come home and you got beans
and taters for dinner when all I want is hot pussy on the grill!"


After seeing those to back country rejects for 10mins, Bat Pussy seems
almost inviting....nigh, ALMOST. Her headquarters is a collage of hi-tech
gadgets and devices (an old metal desk, furinture polish, and a hand drawn
Bat Pussy sign) PATHOS be DAMNED when she suddenly rises and and shouts
her emmey winning line: "dirty motherfuckers making a fuck movie in my holy
Gotham City"

Back at Home. ole Buddy still aint up...but more great lines:

"Any child that would come out of that pussy would have to be a monster!!"
"You couldn't eat someone if you were eatin' your damn grandmother!!"

The a quick cut back to Bat Pussy while she stops to pee and then foils a

Back at Home arguing insues

" My horoscope says I'm gonna fuck you in the nose!!" If I caught another
man fuckin' you I'd shoot you and fuck the man!!". Then Bat Pussy Finally
arrives and brings audiences to tears world wide when she delivers he most
memoral line of all time:

"What in the name of god damn fuck do you think's going on here?!"

Then Buddy and his Wife rip her clothes off, and a pathetic threesome is
playd out, with the wife just laying there and Buddy never getting hard.

"Im gonna turn you over and fuck you up the ass!"

At somepoint Bat Pussy Leaves.......

The End

Faithfully Submitted

Rev. Dr. Asquire

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