Butt-load of pictures and report -- Rev. V

From: "Rev. V" <RevV@vec.NO.SPAM.com>
Newsgroups: alt.slack,alt.binaries.slack
Date: Tue, Jul 9, 2002 9:57 PM


I'm too damn lazy to upload 100 pics individually to a.b.s. You can DL
the original shots at full resolution form there if you want, but
beware, they are large. If you want, I can burn a CD with everything
(around 450 megs or so) and mail it to you -- email me and we can work
something out.

Many thanks go out to everyone and everything that increased our slack
(in no particular order):

* Bachlors for Bob - thanks for the alcohol
* Rev. Goddess Ennie - thanks for putting up with me and the
alcohol! ;-)
* The icon burning and the pretty colored chemicals the
fire tenders used. Fire good!
* All the people that ate our *10* *pounds* of pancakes this
year. Last year we used 5. Next year how about *20* pounds
of pancakes. We promise to bring more syrup.
* The Cookie Tent for the Oreos. They were much appreciated
* Chas and everyone that set up Bonobo-A-go-go. Much fun.
* Nickie Deathchick for thinking up the potluck at the end.
it almost makes the pleasure saucers not coming worth while!
* The sacred whirpool of Bob
* Sis D. and SExmortus for putting together the calendars
* Everyone who made the beautiful music to dance (or in my
case to flail wildly out of control) to
* Sleep. The God of SLEEP. I slept more than most times.
Sleep is good. (Though we did get up for the 7AM non-event)
* Everything else I'm forgetting... thanks for it all!

Ennie and I are finally starting to recognize you people! Cool!

The bigest thing that I can say is that I did not once think of the
conspiracy while there. On Saturday I had to think long and hard to even
figure out what day it was. Now *THAT* is time control.

So then Monday rolls around and I have to go back to my con job and what
do I have to deal with, my boss sending occusitory emails that I didn't
do something or other *THAT* *I* *DID* *DO*. I needed to muster all of
the slack I had to not SPONTANIOUSLY COMBUST, right there on the spot.
Con jobs suck.

Rev. V and Rev. Gds. Ennie
revv at vec dot com
ennie at ennie dot com

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