Last minute X-Day packing List

From: "Rabbi Jacklyn Hyde" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Sun, Jun 30, 2002 10:29 PM

Okay, I have clothing for every weather except a blizzard, sleeping gear
including pillow, a bottle of wine, and a flashlight. Does anyone have any
other suggestions? I have a place to sleep when I get there, so that isn't
a problem. I mean BASICS.


From: "LXIX" <>


Asprin (hangover anyone)
Bandaids (just in case)
Sudafed (If you have sinus problems)
Sunscreen (sunburns are not fun)
Folding chair
Little TV
Mardigras beads
A stuffed animal
Ghram Crackers
Ball of twine
duct tape
left tail light off a 64 ford
an Alpine (metal) cup for coffee
Bug spray (or Avon Skin-so-soft)

Sadly I've been screwed out of a trip this year. :(
Seems the bastards at work think thier petty little
problems just can't wait till later even though they
will probably be taking vacation next week.

Piss on them. All I'm going to do is surf
and drink coffee.



From: (Friday Jones)

Twice as many socks as you think you need
One more pair of shoes than you think you need
Clothespins and clothesline from which to suspend drying towels, socks,
shoes, etc.
A good book


"Nyder is the sort of person who, if you told him to kill someone, it would
just make his Friday.... He's basically just a psychopath."
- actor Peter Miles (UK)


From: "Rev. Enki" <>

"LXIX" <> wrote in message
> Mardigras beads

Let me know if you need help here, Rabbi...I've got plenty to share.
Rev. Enki


From: "nu-monet v4.0" <>

a little shovel
another plastic sheet with grommets
big campfire coffee pot
small bottle of GSE(tm)
(it's grapefruit seed extract that
kills every bacteria and fungus
around, and strips oil and grease
better than any soap, and is
otherwise completely non-toxic.
Use for purifying water instead
of bleach, doing dishes, etc.)
moleskin for blisters
swiss army knife
an ocarina, so you can act like brain-
damaged Joey in "Stalag 17"; even
better if you can get a bunch and
form a brain-damaged ocarina band.
ritual face paints
ritual body paints
witch doctor mask
lots of rubber bands
a box of 10 different perfumes
breathe-rite nasal strips (trust me on
this one)
doxylamine succinate over-the-counter
sleeping pills
generic Afrin(tm) nasal spray
1 gallon jug of aloe and vitamin E skin
lotion. Grease 'em up.
a big, floppy, silly looking sun hat
a cheapie laser pointer to aim at the
damn helicopters
ear plugs
nose plugs
butt plugs
sleeping mask
SPF 1 million sun lotion
generic neosporin w/anesthetic
benedryl(tm) anti-allergy anti-rash gel
or cream
maalox(tm) anti-gas and some of those
anti-stomach acid pills
immodium a-d(tm) anti-diarrheal
wet naps
nail clippers
auralgam (prescription) ear anesthetic
percodan (prescription) body anesthetic
DMSO (wash your skin with distilled water
first, great for any muscle pain)
acupuncture needles (ask Dr Legume)
bag of magical juju stuff
mexican penicillin cream
everclear(tm) grain alcohol for sterilizing
stuff and things and starting fires
foreign currencies from really odd countries
to amuse the local merchants
potpourri, 'cause that place do tend to stink
after awhile

"This hedgehog will live with us!"

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