My X-Day highlight -- Rev. Sun Nguyen

From: (Rev Sun Nguyen)

Date: Tue, Jul 16, 2002 8:22 AM

"Bob" bless those Kentucky Boys...who'd have thought that the biggest stars of
X-Day would be the ones who brought nothing at all.

I was up in Alt.Slack woods with Sexmortus and Lord Sloth. For those that
recall hearing Sexmortus yelling at the top of his lungs the one evening, that
yelling was directed at me and Lord Sloth.
For the first part of the week, Brushwood was basically empty except for us and
the Kentucky boys (Doc Frop and Sis D were there but kept leaving in their
car...luckily, I got to visit with them a few times later in the week, and Lord
Sloth bought Doc Frop outright after the contoversial Jesus auction...he said
$115, I heard it). We kept trying to get the Kentucky boys to move up into the
woods with us. They opted to stay camped where they were since "it was close
to the bathroom;" however, I feel the evening where we were surrounded by
prowling/howling coyotes might have contributed to their decision as well.
Luckily I slept like a baby through the coyote can a few ravenous
coyotes scare you when you have Sexmortus on your side?
Anyway, since they wouldn't move up, The Kentucky boys had to come visit us all
through the week. They visited us since Sexmortus, Lord Sloth and I weren't
leaving Alt.Slack woods in the daytime for anything. It was our own site, it
wasn't as hot, but it also had the "pure-cut slack" hammock there. This
hammock was more than just some rope swinging in the wind, it was the one man
crew cabin of a vessel that explored the deepest realms of slack...especially
when fueled by frop. God bless Sexmortus for first daring to use it...

1. It's just sitting there
2. Nobody is using it
3. And it's not being used in a manner that it wasn't designed to be's just a damn hammock for Chrissake!

Time in the hammock became priority one in our campsite. We actually began
reserving time slots to ride it's blessed swing...and on frop the experience
was much like the end of 2001: A Space Odessey.
Though it wasn't ours, it was ours. Until one of The Kentucky Boys decided to
not only get in it, but to fall asleep in it for hours. There we were, sitting
on busted lawn chairs, getting bit by spiders while Rev Lon turned our hammock
into the new Starship Enterprise off on some five year mission.
Well, enough was enough.
Taking a single firecracker (and devising a cardboard protective shield so
nobody got hurt), Sexmortus decided to wake up Lon by pyrotechnics. He snuck
up, placed the cracker on Lon and lit the fuse. He dashed off to hide while
Lord Sloth and I adopted the "I knew nothing about it/completely innocent"
pose. Nothing happened.
A second attempt was made at the fuse. It spurted and gassed. We stood
anxiously awaiting the blast, ready with our alibis..."I didn't know he did it,
I was building the campfire" and "The blast woke me up too...what's happening?"
KA-BOOM shook through the trees.
Then the moment of anticipation came...what would Lon do? Would he laugh,
yell, cry, charge us, throw things at us...what would he do?
The blast echo faded off and then Lon began to sit up like Dracula rising from
his coffin. He sat part way up, gasped and then collapsed back into the
hammock not moving.
We waited to see if it was a trick, but he kept lying still. There are heavy
sleepers in this world, but who sleeps through explosives going off on their
body? In our minds raced a circular arguement...

1. He must be asleep because he's not moving.
2. But how could he sleep through that?
3. However, he must be asleep because he's not moving.

For all we were prepared for, we didn't expect NOTHING to happen (much like 7am
July 5th). The tension was unbearable.
Then Lord Sloth asked..."Did we kill him?"
I nearly wet my pants from laughing so hard.
Later in the week Lon found out about it and there were no hard feelings.

It was great to see everyone again (especially Yonderboy and Rev Sean) and to
become better friends with people I've met in the past two years (especially
Sexmortus, Sloth, Doc Frop and Sis D). I hope to be back for the next X-day.
Thank You and OK

Rev Sun Nguyen
Church of The Immaculate Hymen Resistance

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