OrKillMeRadio XVD RPT.

From: dj_shaver@yahoo.com (Dj_Shaver)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Tue, Jul 9, 2002 11:46 PM

Well what can I say????

Actually I do have tons of stuff to say because
So I will break my radio silence and try to sum up what
I thought were the best parts of XDV!

1) Brushwood itself! It always has that unnameable slackfilled
non-quality about it. They should try bottling that up or something.

2) Actually setting up the entire Bobdamned radio station up myself!
A first for me! Next year ...by the way...is Flagpole / Or kill me /
Dust Devil / Tickle Spider Radio(s) TENTH ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Sounds like
a balls out excuse to party to me.

3)The Flesh Auction! I did not catch this last year so I didn't even
know what to expect. I should have pimped myself to Subs who are
to do their own damn radio shows! Next year.

4) Dj-ing P-lil and Thea's Wedding !!! Just a blast!!!

Slacking off and hanging out with Jesus, Rev.Mag, Susie (LOVE THAT
SUSIE), Banjo Bob,
Pastor Pressure, Evangela, El Gorgo, St. Pat & Honeypie Andrea, and of
course Doc Dark (my new partner in crime)!!! which brings me to...

5) the Drive-in!!!! So much SLACK!! So much BADFILM!! So Much FUN!!!

On the downside ...I suppose it wasn't as successful as it could have
Not enough people actually "drove in" and the much hyped "V"
didn't attract an audience. However the real kick was in listening to
the various jokes and comments from the brave souls who endured the
abominable yet glorious Kitch and Sleaze sinematic epics we offered
Pee Kitty and El Gorgo were especially funny and even Rocknar spit out
a funny
line or two!!!!

The ultimate flick of the fest (for me anyway) had to be
What an outrageously half assed, hilarious and horrifying train wreck
a redneck porn-squeezed fuckflick! The event became even more
when someone announced that this was Janor Hypercleats PARENTS we were
watching!!!!!! All in attendence instantly knew this to be true.
Thanks and
praise to P-Lil for bringing this classic to light.

6)Free swag from unexpected sources !!! Thanks loads! You know who you

I had confided in my lord Jesus early in the fest that I had had a
for this Xday. I had realized that 7am doesn't work because it is too
cold and
everyone is dressed up warmly. We entered this world naked and
so why should we expect to leave it fully dressed???
I told of my idea to have a huge DOBBS CROSS BURNING so that the
could signal the X-ists and we could get naked by the fire to be
in that good old fashioned pagan type REE-Lidge-USS way!
I was quite stunned to see it ACTUALLY HAPPEN!!! Wrong place wrong
time no nudity...but why quibble?
Honestly, it was more stunning to realize that Jesus had actually
listened to me.

8) Tripping by Osmosis!!!!
Pastor Pressure had mention by the end of the fest that several times
during the weekend he felt as though he was tripping even though we
not (knowingly) dropped any trendy chemical amusment aids.
I realized I seemed to be tripping also and it hasn't stopped yet!!!!

9)Tip o' the Shaver chapeau to Chugga Chugga and Slack Kerouac for
the station while I was running around. Thanks! Couldn't have done it
ya. And Doc Dark....I can't wait for next year.

10)I should / would mention every one if I could only remember all
your fucking
names....It took three years for 2Beans name to sink in so don't feel
if i didn't mention you.....


Dj_Shaver Dogg Flavour


From: drdark@37.com (DoktorDark)

I am pleased to report that, when leaving on Sunday, the OrKillMeRadio
signal stayed strong for a full 5 MILES away from the antenna tower.
That means Shermanites or anybody else tuning into 90.5 FM in the area
got to hear Bat Pussy & everything else broadcast over the radio
station all week/end!!

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