Questions for the Ultimate X-Day FAQ

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Date: Wed, Jul 10, 2002 2:28 PM

Here are the questions so far. Please contribute other *questions* you may
have, or think others have. Answers will come later.

Acknowledgements, notices of creative theft, etc come first. I plan to
borrow liberally from already-existing documents and their authors will be

What is X-Day?
Cult? Saucers? What are you talking about?
Why, if Dobbs is continually fucking up, should I go?
How much does it cost?
I'm a super-special celebrity and I'd like to go, but I shouldn't have to

Where is X-Day?
What is Brushwood?
Why Brushwood?
How much is the camping fee? Is it a seperate fee from X-Day itself?
What kind of facilities are available there?
Is there a map of the area?
Where's the best place to camp?
What kind of equipment do I need to bring?
What kind of cooking can I do?
Are there other sources of food available?
What happens if I show up broke?
I'm not all that into camping but I'd love to go to X-Day. What other
options do I have?
How close is the nearest...
...bus station?
...train station?
What can't I bring to Brushwood?

(Boiling down the current camera discussion, where cameras are appreciated,

So, there's lots of naked chicks there, huh?
And I can take pictures of 'em, right?
And I'm gonna get laid a lot, or at least witness some hardcore bukkakke
What should I do to make sure I can get laid at X-Day?

What happens on the stage?
I want to do a rant lasting less than ten minutes.
I might want to rant, but I'm afraid.
I want to do an hour-long skit.
I have a band (or other long-form stage-based entertainment) and we want
to perform.
I have a kickass band and we want to be paid for our time.
I want to get married for a short duration.
I want to get married for REAL.
I have some ideas for something really neat but I need some help.

What kind of interesting things happen off-stage?
I'm quite brave behind a computer but incredibly shy in person. How can
I make a good impression?
How do I remember all the bizarre names I hear these freaks using?
How do I attract the attention of Famous Doktors I admire?
I feel like becoming infamous. How can I get myself thrown out of the
best parties?
What else can I do to really piss people off?
I am not much into partying, how can I arrange other things I'd like to
So much to do... When the hell do I sleep?

If it's illegal out there, it's illegal in here.
Are the police a problem?

Has anyone ever been injured or killed at X-Day?
What happens if I impale myself on a tent pole or otherwise injure myself

What are the "Bobbie Awards"?
How can I win Best Campsite?
What other good things can I expect for being so incredibly cool?

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