Rev.Geo's X-day Reeeport...

From: "Rev.Geo" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 8, 2002 9:00 AM

Well, I gotta say, I HAD A KICKASS TIME!
(and that's putting it mildly)

Finally met many of you I'd only seen on IRC or alt.slack, and was
immesureably happy for just that, but, per Alliekat's lead:


The Symbol burning( I never thought the pagan's would join us, but hate
unifies all:)
The Quijboys bar (Chris Lee, remind me NEVER to mix my own drinks again, as
I realize I am NOT a good bartender:(
The Bachelors for Bob (congrats on the win, and remind me NEVER to let you
mix a drink for me again, as the evil numbness that throttled my nervous
system still abides:)
Seeing many gorgeous Wimmin nekkid at various moments
The wedding (awwwwww, dey are sooo CUTE!)
The Movie nights (so much slack on such a small screen)
DJ Shaver's rap (I'll never look at Groucho the same way again)
The Mustard Incident (for those that remember the Bulldada auction, somebody
tell me who bought the bottle, as I must heckle them seriously)
There are too many others to mention individually, but I gotta say, if you
have to live on this mudball of a world, being Subg makes it all highly
bearable, and to many of the individuals I met, here's a few "shout outs":

The Geddyns, Doc Frop and Sis D, The Pissoff's, Rev. Amph and wyf, Wei and
Stang, Saint N and Hellena, the Stranges, Ms. Suzie, Rev. Jim, Pastor
Pressure and the boyz, ALL of the Tampon contingent, Quijibo, Phloid and
Pisces, Two Beans, Pope Phred, ESO, Meester Seester, Doc Legume, Banjo Bob,
Rev.Al, Bobdiddly,Evangela, and most happily, Dr. and Mrs. Dark for putting
up with me for a week:)


Regards, salutations, and much rejoicing,
Lil ol' Rev. Geo,
The budding Buddha of Slack

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