Rev Stan's XDV report

From: swillie00023 <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Tue, Jul 9, 2002 5:48 PM

Oh, what a short, strange trip it was! X Day 5! The saucers MAY not have
shown up, but I sure got off!
The trip started weird. Had to pass up my firt choice of buses out of Iowa
City due to the bus being full. Oh well. Caught the next one, git to Erie @
8 am on the fourth. Instant tilting of the Luck Plane as although I was
destined to take a cab, I got $25 bucks knocked off the fare by riding along
with another dude. The cab driver was way cool doing that. He didn't HAVE
to. So I got to Brushwood from Erie for $35.
Checked in, found a nice spot in the woods, pitched camp, fropped.
Registered. Met Jesus and (finally) Rev Stang, whose art and audio I've
admired for over 20 years now. Proceeded to have the best time in recent
memory, in and many ways, ever.
Would like to thank the folks @ Java Jct for offering the food and beverage
service. Definitely a treat to have good quality, fairly priced, and hot
victuals in a campground setting.
Thanks to Subgenius Store for all the cool stuff ESPECIALLY the opportunity
to turn myself on to Reagans Polyp!!!
Thanks to Brushwood for having us.
Thanks to all the Subs I met and those I just shared smiles with for being
Thanks to Chas Smith and ESO and all the acts this X day, and Thanks to Dr
darks Drive -In for "Hell comes to frogtown". Too much!!!
Thanks for the killer farewell potluck sunday afternoon!
Thanks to Jeff and Robbie for the ride back to Erie bus station.
The ride home was uneventful and fast. Fell asleep shortly oafter boarding
in Cleveland, didn't wake up until we were pulling into Chicago!
Made Iowa City by lunch time Monday. Unpacked my stuff, including Pikachu,
the surviving sacrifice from the Bulldada Auction ( I actually only
sacrificed two of the others. The rest were given to a sexy Connie-ite ;-))
Barring any atrocities , I WILL be @ X Day 6! The saucers WILL come! one
day, I'm sure....
Peace and Carats
Rev Stan Williams

"All out for Ft. Stinkin'desert, last indian reservation for 2000 miles. You
got 15 minutes, folks. Get 'em while you can."

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