Sign that it's a post-XDV world

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Date: Sun, Jul 7, 2002 10:24 PM

(This sort of thing wouldn't have happened prior to
XDV. N.B.: They are called "merkins.")


There is a new boom in California. This time local beauty
girls spend their money on wigs, which are produced by the
company of a well-known stylist John Water. There would not
be anything surprising about it, but those wigs are meant
for pubis wearing, they are fixed on skin with the help of
special adhesive tape.

Hollywood actress Patricia Arquette started that new
fashion, when she made a brilliant display of the new
item in her movie Human Nature. John Water designed a
little wig for her exclusively, and the wig was in amazing
harmony with her see-though panties. Patricia was playing
a prudish woman, whose personal life suffered from too
much of hair on her body. Arquette's character was living
by herself in a very segregated way. This interesting role
included a nude scene too. Patricia said that when she was
coming out for filming with that little wig on her pubis,
the whole crew was staring at that wig together with the
director. Patricia's role became a very good advertising
for John Water's company ^ he received tons of orders in
a week and has reportedly sold 100 thousand of them.

nu-monet's law: When the follow-up to a non-
political post has a gratuitously political
message for no apparent reason, and the law
is involked, the poster is required to post
ten(10) non-political messages before
blathering about politics again.

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