St. Al's XDV report

From: (Disgraceland23)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Wed, Jul 10, 2002 9:37 PM

Thanks to everyone who showed up at Brushwood, or was already there before XDV
began. Frank and Darlene and their vendors get nods.
Stang/Wei: E-handshake and smooch, respectively. See you both in a club
somewhere soon. Has Philo come up for air yet?
Lil/Thea: Joey Ramone crooning "What A Beautiful World"! Too perfect. Will see
you at the Long March, in Sept.? Best of all worlds to you.
Legume: I'm broke at the moment, but at XD6 it's steaks or cigars- your pick.
Calendar Girls: Kiss, kiss. Crookedy-smile wink.
Calendar Dudes: Shit out of luck.
St. N/Hellena/ESO: Kudos and Brava!
Chris/Mykal/Quijibo: Food, slack, laughs, AND being left alone when I needed
Sorry I wasn't more talkative; phone calls coming soon.
Susie the Floozy: Look for a fan letter, I have your address.
Pisces: Eternally grateful for lift from the Amtrak station, I'll never travel
that horrid way again. Sorry we went off in separate directions. ;)
Doc Frop & Sister Decadance: Entertaining as always just being themselves.
Thanks so much.

Not-so-random shouts: Bob Diddley, file that report. Televangela, send more
pics- Floozy told me that you're worth getting to know better. 2B, Prostata
(report due soon!), El Gordo, and I'm missing others, esp. first-timers I just

This was a life-changing event for me. Sincere thanks.

St. Al

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